We are here to fight for you and your rights. As a team, we have over a decade of experience in the legal profession, and can offer confidential advice and representation in cases involving:

  • Bodily injury while on the job
  • Auto accidents
  • Wrongful death
  • Permanent injury
  • Loss of limbs

    Our Practice Areas

    Cases We Handle
    At the Farias Law Firm, we have successfully represented clients in a wide variety of practice areas. We are here to help you when you need it most. We handle:
    Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation

    After an injury or accident, you may be wondering:

    • How will I pay my bills?
    • When will I be able to return to work?
    • Will my insurance company or employer offer me a fair settlement?
    • How will filing a claim affect my immigration status?
    • Will I be able to recover my lost wages?
    We address the tough questions, advise you on your legal rights, and handle all negotiations with your employer or insurance company. We protect your rights regardless of immigration status, and help you get the compensation you need to care for yourself and your family.
    Wrongful Death

    The loss of a loved one due to the negligence of a person or company can make the sadness you feel even more difficult to endure. Often the problem is made worse by the financial problems that come with loss of income, funeral expenses, and more.

    We’re here to make sure that you don’t have to go through the legal system alone. We’ll answer your questions, help you and your family through this difficult time, and ensure you get the maximum recovery for you and protect your family for the future.

    Car and Trucking Accidents
    Recovering from a vehicle accident takes longer than most people realize. You may be left with serious injuries, expensive medical bills, and insurance companies who refuse to pay. We can help you understand your rights, walk you through the claims process, and negotiate with your insurance company to ensure you won’t be taken advantage of.

    $3 Million

    Personal Injury

    $5.2 Million

    Construction Accident

    $2.3 Million

    Worker's Compensation

    Proudly serving those who need it most
    As a first generation Mexican American, I understand the worries and needs of the Hispanic community better than most. I understand the fear and anxiety that can come with filing a legal claim. And, I’m here to protect you rights and fight to get the compensation you and your family deserve.

    When results matter

    When you or someone you love suffers a serious injury or even death, whether from an accident on site or just driving to work, you have a right to demand compensation, no matter your immigration status. Hiring an attorney who can help you navigate the process, protect your legal rights, and stop the harassment by those responsible can give you real peace of mind while offering the best opportunity at compensation.
    Our Approach
    We lead the way in demanding compensation for your injury by gathering evidence and negotiating a winning solution for you and your family. We specialize in workman’s compensation cases involving industrial and agricultural workers, as well those in construction, who suffer on-site injuries or are involved in auto accidents. We work for you so that you can spend time on the things and people that matter to you most.

    The Most Reliable Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

    Get the Compensation you deserve!

    In the present fast paced world, accidents and injuries are almost unavoidable. These can have a long lasting impact on your life, leaving you scared, frustrated, and uncertain where to look for help. What can be more frustrating is when you or your loved ones have been injured by another’s negligence. In such cases, you need someone who can not only help you get the best compensation, but also support you mentally to keep you in good spirits.

    If you are looking for guidance and support to seek financial recovery for your losses, our team of the finest Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers is ready to serve you. With years of expertise in this particular domain, we take pride in crowning ourselves as the one of the best Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys out there.

    Client’s Satisfaction is our priority

    Farias Law Firm has been consistently delivering the best in class services with premium consultation and recognized legal expertise. We handle each case with complete dedications and with one goal: securing a fair and complete compensation you deserve. Over the past few years, we have helped our clients secure millions in personal injury compensations.

    • $3 Million in Personal Injury
    • $5.2 Million in Construction Accident
    • $2.3 Million in Workers Compensation
    • $10.5 Million in Medical Malpractice
    • $8 Million in Motor Vehicle Accident

    Top Rated Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers

    Representing a personal injury victim is not just about legal expertise, it takes a lot more to drive the case towards a satisfactory closure. You need a team who understands each and every bit of your case completely and offers the best feasible solution. Whether you need assistance with filing the case or you need someone to collect evidence to be presented before the court, we have got your back right from the beginning till you receive your compensation amount. Here are a few reasons why our clients love us:

    ● Experts in Legal System:

    As one of the most trusted law firms for personal injury cases in Los Angeles, we are well versed in the laws and how legal systems work. We offer the best legal services to our clients and have successfully helped thousands of victims with their settlements.

    ● Professional, yet Personal:

    Personal injuries can be really traumatic and can lead to devastating effects on one’s life. Unlike most of the personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles, we offer a lot more than just the legal advice. We are available 27/7 for our clients to help them both legally as well as emotionally.

    ● Decades of Collective Experience:

    Each of our Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney shares years of experience working for a wide array of cases including car and motorcycle accidents, wrongful deaths, slip and fall injuries, workers compensation, and much more. We have collectively helped thousands of clients win millions as their respective compensations.

    ● Skilled Negotiators:

    While dealing with insurance companies, you need a team of skilled professionals who can represent your claims and take a stand for you to help negotiate the best possible recovery amount. Our determination and past experience have taught us how to win.

    ● Open Communication:

    At Farias Law Firm, we believe in clear and open communication with our clients to keep things easy for both of us. Whether it's about discussing the events that lead to the accident or how we are planning to represent your case in front of the court, each and every details specific to your case are readily available at your disposal.

    ● Transparent and Affordable Fees:

    You have just met with an accident and spend a lot on your treatment and medical supplies. We understand this and thus offer the most feasible fees for our expert consultation services.

    ● More than just lawyers:

    When you hire Los Angeles Personal Injury lawyers from Farias Law Firm, you are entitled to a complete team that works day in and out for your good. From investigating the accident scene to working around your medical bills and financial statistics, we have dedicated individuals to look after each and every aspect of your case.

    Our process of dealing with personal injury claims and settlements

    Whether it is a traffic accident (pedestrians, motorists, bikers, cyclists, or passengers), wrongful death (at home or outside), or work injuries, you need an experienced Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney by your side. In order to assist the accident victims in obtaining compensation, our team of Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers follow a standard and proven strategy throughout the process. The lawyer competent in personal injury law helps the litigant in his dealings with insurance as well as in his defense before civil and criminal courts.

    But contrary to what some people may claim, the role of the Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney for victims of an accident is not limited to the lawyer in assessing the financial damage of his client. He is actually present in all phases of the compensation process. He assists his client throughout the compensation process, from the first appointment to the final settlement, which can only be complete when the lawyer properly piloted and led the victim's appeal.

    As a leading law firm based in Los Angeles, our team consists of specialists in compensation for injuries incurred to victims of road accidents. We ensure that at this first stage of the recognition of the right to compensation, accident victims must not undergo the interpretation of insurers, which very often adopts an extensive conception of fault.

    Once you are done with the treatment process and the life is out of risk, try to reach out to one of our Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys as quickly as possible. We will guide you through the compensation process and help you file the recovery case at ease. Meanwhile, we take care of the few necessary things:

    • Obtaining and analyzing the police report (the circumstances of the accident condition the right to compensation).
    • Identification of the insurer or the adjudicator responsible for the compensation.
    • The examination of the various insurance contracts possibly subscribed by the victim (contractual guarantees).

    Once we intervene as your personal injury lawyer, we supervise you through the legal process effectively by ensuring that each of the required formalities are met and every aspect of your case is well researched. Besides, as an experienced Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer, we will assign an expert for your case to respond and recognize all the items of damage and prepare a detailed report for the recovery purpose.

    Next, we have a separate medical expertise team to work on cover each and every grounds of your case, and thus improving the chances of you winning a higher settlement amount.

    • In the evolutionary phase, to obtain provisions at each important stage of the injured person's journey and in particular when returning home
    • To consolidate and achieve full reparation for all the damage suffered and all the needs caused by the situation of disability
    • Work around any long term injury that may need medical expenses later on.

    How can a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer help you?

    Car Accident

    The consequences of a car accident can be dramatic. Here, as elsewhere, it is necessary to know how to surround yourself well, and in particular, to have by your side what a colleague called a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, that is to say, a lawyer competent in matters relating to car accidents.

    Los Angeles Car Accident lawyer

    Truck Accident

    From the perspective of compensation for a truck accident, the Los Angeles truck accident lawyer, constitutes a precious ally whose role is almost always decisive. He advises, supports, and works to optimize the repair of bodily injury to the victim, in particular by ensuring that all damaged items are taken into account.

    Los Angeles Truck Accident lawyer

    Bicycle Accident

    Accidents involving cyclists and motorists are particularly dangerous for the cyclist due to the apparent difference in size and protection. He is exposed to many acute injuries such as broken bones, lacerations, trauma to the back and neck, joint damage, concussions, and even death. Cranio-cerebral trauma remains the most serious type of injury encountered by cyclists. Knowing that it is common sense to take precautions before opening the door of his car, the cyclist victim of a car door opening is entirely within his rights if he wishes to initiate legal proceedings against the motorist. For this, he may call upon the services of a Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer,

    Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer

    Motorcycle Accident

    Victims of a motorcycle accident know that the legal compensations, with some exceptions, apply to your situation. As a road accident victim, you are therefore protected by the time limits for proposing compensation, deadlines imposed by law on insurance companies whenever compensation for road accidents is involved. For more information contact our Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer

    Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident lawyer

    Pedestrian Accident

    As you take a quiet stroll down the street, you are hit by a reckless cyclist. If this results in injury to you, it is important to know whether it is possible to be compensated. It should firstly be noted that the cyclist is considered to be a road user similar to other users. Liability insurance is intended to repair the damage caused to others. It is for this reason that it is capable of guaranteeing the pedestrian victim. Our Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer can help.

    Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer

    Slip And Fall Accident

    Any victim of a slip and fall accident that has resulted in bodily injury (or even disability) finds himself faced with a double difficulty. He must, first of all, face a trauma that suddenly turns his life and that of his family, often in all areas. Because you find yourself in a situation of inferiority and physical and moral fragility, it is crucial that you and your family can be surrounded, supported, counseled, and defended immediately after your accident by a Los Angeles slip and fall accident lawyer.

    Burn Injury

    In case the victim sustained burn injuries, then unlike ordinary law compensation, which is extended to all damages, the contractual settlement is made following the provisions of the insurance contracts. The compensations received will, therefore, depend on the guarantees subscribed. As a experiencedLos Angeles burn injury lawyer, we can help you with the needful and assure you of a reasonable compensation for your losses.

    Los Angeles burn injury lawyer

    Wrongful Death

    In case of any wrongful death, the family of the deceased goes through a severe mental and financial loss. When that death occurs because of the intentional act or negligence of another party, then the family of the deceased can fight cases for legal compensation of such wrongful death. For more help call our Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer.

    Dog Bite

    Most of the time, the dog bite, although painful, may not cause serious injury. However, in cases where a dog bite can result in disease and infection and that the dog has bitten ferociously, the bones can break too. In case the incident takes place at a public place, even then, the legal case can be fought. For legal help contact our Los Angeles dog bite lawyer.

    Los Angeles dog bite lawyer

    Workers Compensation

    In case you get injured in the workplace, you can make a call to our office for a consultation. The Los Angeles workers compensation lawyer has the experience of helping hundreds of people like you in recovering temporary as well as permanent disability payment and makes you get the medical bills paid for occupational diseases and industrial injuries.

    Los Angeles workers compensation lawyer

    Product Liability

    When you or your loved ones get injured or died from a product that did not work or produced unintended consequences, you might be entitled to compensation. Our Los Angeles product libility lawyer have the resources and the ability to represent your case against any company, including the largest manufacturers and corporations in the country.

    Los Angeles product liability lawyer

    Bus Accident

    A bus accident victim faces an expensive problem, irrespective of who is guilty. A part of the cost can be measured easily. These expenditures include lost wages, medical bills, and property damage. Then there are expenses as well that are hardly easy to calculate. These costs include loss of productivity at work, and insurance rates increase as well as the administrative fee. So hiring a reputed law firm of Los Angeles bus accident lawyer offers you the fair shot at negotiations of a more suitable settlement.

    Los Angeles bus accident lawyer

    Uber Accident

    In the event of an accident with personal injury due to an Uber Accident, it is a safe bet that the police will have drawn up a report. This is the first document that a Los Angeles uber accident lawyer will have to obtain. It is indeed in this report drawn up either by the police or the gendarmerie that the car accident lawyer will find the exact circumstances of the accident and thus be able to determine the responsibilities of each other.

    Los Angeles uber accident lawyer

    Construction Accident

    Los Angeles construction accident Lawyer are aware of how damaging construction accidents might be to the workers as well as their families. Due to the construction work nature, accidents can take place, leaving the workers permanently or temporarily disabled, affecting their health and livelihoods to a great extent. That is why our attorneys have dedicated their work to fight for the rights of the injured by the negligence of another party.

    Los Angeles construction accident lawyer

    The Collaboration of the Victim/Victim’s Family and the Lawyer:

    It is essential for a victim of an accident, who is entitled to obtain just and complete compensation, to be assisted by a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer from the start of the compensation process. Indeed, in the context of a claim for compensation, the victim will be in contact either with his own insurance or with the insurer of the person responsible for the accident.

    The balance of the power is uneven, and the victim will tend to give in easily to pressure from the insurance companies when he could have been entitled to receive much higher compensation.

    Things That You Need to Be Aware of

    • So do not listen to insurers who advise not to hire a lawyer if you want fast compensation!
    • Of course, a victim who is not assisted by a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer may be able to obtain compensation more quickly, but not in full.
    • The victims are weakened in these moments, having to face hospitalization still in progress, medical care, pain related to the after-effects, an organization of family life turned upside down, and reduced professional activity.
    • They need to be counseled and assisted.
    • Some Los Angeles personal injury lawyers even recommend that their clients no longer have contact with their insurers so as not to give their consent too quickly to an offer of compensation!

    Responsibility of the Victim/Victim’s family

    The victim's attention is drawn to the fact that a transaction signed by the victim expressly declaring that he is adequately compensated in full for all damages or damage of any kind will defeat a subsequent claim for compensation.

    The intervention of a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer before signing anything is therefore highly recommended.

    Likewise, it is highly recommended to go to the expert medical opinion, which will be organized, in an amicable or judicial framework, with your medical adviser or medical practitioner, who defends only the victims and is specialized in the evaluation of bodily injury.

    The medical practitioner will ensure that the assessment made during the medical evaluation is impartial and all the items of injury mentioned. It is just as important as the lawyer in compensation for bodily injury. The fees of the lawyer and the medical consultant may be high, but the victim may request the opposing party to reimburse all the costs incurred to assert their rights. The courts sovereignly assess the part which should be charged to the losing party in respect of the costs of the proceedings.

    Helping beyond the financial and physical losses: Recovery Of the Victims

    After an accident or an injury, you may feel a lot of physical as well as emotional pain. The suffering you encounter may lead to some degree of trauma. This occurs because your body responds to traumatic experiences by releasing adrenaline and cortisol, muscles go on alert with perceived danger, your blood pressure skyrockets and will cause your heart rate to race. Although these responses are beneficial when faced with real threats, they can leave adverse side effects such as instability, digestive discomfort, confusion, and muscle pain, among others, after minor accidents. Such a situation needs special attention to help individuals regain their normal mental and emotional state. Even though there might be no physical sequelae, the incident is most likely to trigger new fears, phobias, or other mental disorders. In most of the cases, psychological recovery after an accident is way more difficult than the physical recovery. It requires immediate attention from experts who can help you sail through this hard time. In order to help our clients deal with this phase of life, we offer extensive support and consultation with required physiological attention to help with a better and happy life.

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    Connect with the best Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys

    You already have suffered a lot due to that traumatic accident you had earlier. It’s time that we handle your burden and help you win the compensation that you actually deserve. Call us at (818) 222-2222 with your query and we will be more than happy to extend our service to you and your family.

    Why hire us?

    Stop Employer/Insurance harassment
    Protect from deportation threats
    Get compensation for your injuries
    Superior representation from a bilingual attorney

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    When devastating injuries happen, having an experienced legal team on your side can mean the difference between living with loss and successfully moving forward for you and your family.

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