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Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Attorney

This information talks about what you need to know after being involved in a bicycle-car accident, including why and when to seek assistance with legal issues arising as a result of the incident in Los Angeles. By now, you may know that many roads in Los Angeles have a shortage of bike lanes and shoulders due to space constraints. Many drivers often tend to ignore the privacy bicycle riders need and occupy the protected spaces they ride on. If you are a victim of an accident involving a bicycle and another vehicle, you have legal responsibilities to perform after a bicycle accident. Calling a bicycle accident lawyer Los Angeles immediately will fix this issue.

Collisions With Cyclists

Such as head trauma, spinal cord injury, broken bones, and concussions even with the latest safety gear and technology in place. Sometimes, it is the bicycle riders at fault. Other times the car drivers not noticing the bicycle or being careless around them is the culprit. Nevertheless, hiring a bicycle accident attorney Los Angeles makes every sense. Choosing a Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer solely experienced to prepare you in a court of law sounds like a good idea when there is confusion regarding legal obligations.

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Bicycle Accident Law In Los Angeles, CA

As per the law, every bicycle rider is required to understand California Vehicle Code VC 21201 that deals with these vehicle requirements. The law requires that the bicycle needs to be equipped with functional brakes, handlebars that are appropriately sized, lamp or headlight that are visible from 300 feet, red reflector visible from 500 feet and bike pedals containing white or yellow reflectors. Additionally, there is a statute of limitations surrounding filing a claim. For example, an individual involved in a bicycle accident in Los Angeles has up to two years to file a lawsuit for injuries and damages. Beyond this statutory period, the claim may be denied except for certain special cases. An extension for filing an accident claim in Los Angeles can be obtained if the injuries were discovered later. In any case, experienced Los Angeles bicycle accident attorneys like bike accident lawyers Los Angeles may want to avoid any kind of risk.

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In California and a few other states, the person actually responsible for the accident is at fault. There have been many laws rewritten to dismantle some of the onerous aspects of a bicycle accident and this is one of them. As you might guess, this could be a fair game for the car or other vehicle drivers involved and whose cases, therefore, are as valuable as those of the bike riders. The result is sharing the responsibility for the cost. For instance, if the bicycle rider’s fault is at 75 percent, he or she is required to bear 3/4th of the cost of repair of the other party.

In order to prove that the driver was acting carelessly, the accident must have resulted in visible personal injuries or property damage. If the bicyclist caused the mishap, his or her irresponsibility should be proven with evidence as well. In all cases, if you are in doubt about who is accountable for the accident, talking to a reliable bike accident attorney Los Angeles can take off a huge burden from your shoulder and also help in bicycle accident case funding.

Bicycle Accidents Are More Common Than You Think

Southern California traffic conditions pose a significant risk to cyclists as the number of automobiles per capita is among the highest in the nation. Getting into an accident as a cyclist is usually a matter of when it will happen, and not if it will happen.

What Should I Do After Getting Injured In A Bicycle Accident?

The most critical thing to do is to immediately contact the police. As with any accident, suing for injuries caused by a bike accident and filing a police report gets the record straight in a highly stressful moment where details may later become hazy. In hit-and-run scenarios, filing a police report significantly increases the chance of finding the person who hit you. Contacting these authorities is of the utmost importance.

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Additionally, you should:

  • Obtain driver and witness contact information
  • Document the scene by taking down notes
  • With your phone, take pictures and video of the scene and your injuries

What Kind Of Injuries Could Come From A Bicycle Accident?

What Should I Expect To Be Covered In My Settlement?

  • Medical and hospital bills
  • Prescription medication costs
  • Property damage
  • Lost pay from work
  • Emotional trauma

Even if you are not at fault, your words can and will be twisted to manipulate your policy details. Your insurance company, or the other party’s insurance company, will attempt to withhold money that is rightfully yours.

Which Lawyer Is Right For Your Bicycle Accident In Los Angeles

The type of lawyer that is right for you depends on what the issue is. Before talking to a bicycle accident lawyer Los Angeles, decide what kind of help you need. Do you want just an advise where the accident barely left a scratch on both the parties? If you don’t tell the bicycle accident attorney Los Angeles the sequences that led up to the accident, you may find yourself in more problems. On the other hand, if you are prepared to deal with the issue, a good bike accident lawyer Los Angeles should be able to help you immediately. When talking with a bike accident attorney Los Angeles on the phone or during the initial consultation, ask specific questions regarding the laws in the state of California and those in the particular county you live in.

How To Find The Right Lawyer For Your Bicycle Accident In Los Angeles

Again, finding the right lawyer for accidents involving a bicycle is a must. There have been many reports in California where injuries to bicyclists were substantial, or the accident left significant damages to properties, especially between the years 2007 and 2015. The overall bicycle accidents and injuries have been increasing every year since then. Without legal help, you may not be able to win your case. An experienced bike accident lawyer in Los Angeles and the surrounding area will work with you closely to achieve justice after an accident. They understand every detail of the law and are ready to represent you in court or negotiation rooms. They are dedicated to serving their clients with the best possible solutions and providing the best legal representation possible. So, do not wait, pick up the phone and call the law firm right away!

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