Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Los Angeles has a staggering record of traffic accidents with people walking on foot on 6% of Los Angeles City streets. Pedestrian accidents are a common sight in a big city like Los Angeles, which is why you need a Pedestrian accident lawyer in Los Angeles. It is dangerous to be a pedestrian in Los Angeles as it has been voted the most dangerous place to be a pedestrian for two years in a row. The Governor’s High Way Safety Association (GHSA), observes that pedestrian fatalities rose 16% in 2016, and in California, the 2017 early data revealed 2.43 pedestrian deaths per 100,000 people.

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You need a Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Attorney if you have been almost run over by one car or another. If a driver is not focused on their surroundings, an accident is a result. Los Angeles could almost be rated the pedestrian accident capital of the United States, simply by the fault of a lack of road safety funding. There are limited improvements going on with Los Angeles pedestrian situations. You need a Pedestrian accident lawyer in Los Angeles to bargain for a good settlement on your part.

An In-depth Problem That Has Been Studied

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The LA Times studied the problem, and 817 intersections later over 12-years, finding that the most dangerous intersection was Slauson Avenue. And Western Avenue, which had 40 pedestrians hit by cars during those 12 years. Two pedestrians were killed, which is why you want a Los Angeles Pedestrian accident law firm. Drivers do not pay attention to their driving if they are texting or sending an email, eating, talking on their cellphone, looking at a different direction from the one they are going, or even the worst of it, driving under the influence. Many factors lead to pedestrian accidents causing very bad injuries such as broken bones, legs, or traumatic brain injury because of a Pedestrian accident attorney in Los Angeles to consult.

Other Pedestrian Injuries

Pedestrians can also suffer from a spinal injury, or become outright quadriplegic, or paraplegic permanent wounds. Driver negligence is a common situation in the streets of Los Angeles, CA. This is why you need a Pedestrian accident lawyer Los Angeles. To avoid pedestrian injuries follow the traffic signals that decrease pedestrian injuries.

What People Say After A Pedestrian Accident in Los Angeles

Pedestrian types like these are the sorts of people who claim they looked where they were going but they actually were not. You need a Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Attorney if the driver didn’t yield. You cannot pass a vehicle stopped on the crosswalk, because the pedestrian needs to cross the street with focus. The driver is also bound to focus. Drivers failing to yield the right of way to pedestrians will cost them $220. Catching a hit and run driver becomes hard because documenting the scene is important despite arguments that may arise. Do not surrender your personal injury rights in any event of an accident that you were involved in as a pedestrian. You need a personal injury law firm in Los Angeles that is fully equipped to get you financial compensation. We offer experienced attorneys who can help you get an actual claim. If the pedestrian was partly at fault though, you may have your compensation reduced because you received $7,500 of a $10,000 settlement.

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