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If you live within the city of Los Angeles and have sustained an injury as a result of a defective product, it’s highly recommended that you become aware of your rights as well as the laws surrounding product liability. The legal terminology, “Products Liability” is defined as being the liability of every party in the chain of manufacture of a given product as to which caused damage to an individual. Meaning, it is a given set of laws that dictate that each wholesaler, retail store owner and assembling manufacturer faces liability as a result of a defective product that causes harm to a consumer. It’s important to note that while the general public may assume that product liability is limited to physical products such as lithium batteries, it also covers intangible products such as pets, real estate, navigational charts, and gas. For more information contact our Los Angeles product liability lawyer.

California Products Liability Laws

Each state as its own set of guidelines to go by when it comes to this area of the law. If you live in Los Angeles, it’s important that you become aware of California’s definition of “product liability”. Under California’s product liability law, any individual who manufactures, designs or sells intangible or tangible defective products is exclusively liable for any injuries a consumer has sustained as a result of the utilization of the said product, even if the company or persons involved were not negligent during the manufacturing process. If you are involved in this call our Los Angeles product liability attorney. Meaning, even if the injury a consumer sustained was not as a result of a negligent product assembler, for instance, the whole chain of manufacture are still liable for the injuries of said product. If you need information about California law contacts our Los Angeles product liability lawyers.

Los Angeles Product Defects The Law Covers

As mentioned before, each state has its own set of liability guidelines to go by, in the state of California, liability can be imposed for 3 different kinds of product defects.

1. Manufacturing Defects

The laws within this state give an individual the opportunity to contact a defective product lawyer to assist them in using a company for any injuries they sustained from a manufacturing defect, even if the company was not negligent. As any competent defective product lawyer will tell you, a manufacturing defect is defined as being any product which differs slightly or significantly from the original manufacturer’s specifications or design. A product is also considered as being a manufacturing defect if the said product differs from typical units under the same product line. Our product liability attorney in Los Angeles can handle your manufacturing defects case.

Los Angeles Product liability lawyer

2. Design Defects

The state’s liability laws give consumers the ability to contact a dangerous product lawyer if they sustained an injury due to the fact that the product was defective in design. Any reputable Los Angeles product liability lawyer can tell you that a design defect is defined as being a product which failed to perform as safely was a regular consumer would expect when used correctly for its intended purposes or when the benefits of the design of the product do not outweigh the risks the design poses. Essentially, if the product’s design defect caused an injury, said the company can be held liable.

3. Failure To Warn

The State’s liability laws specifically state that every manufacturer, distributor, and seller of products must provide easy to understand and adequate warnings and instructions. As any Product liability Attorney in Los Angeles will tell you, any individual who sustains an injury due to a warning defect is edible to receive compensatory damages, under the state’s strict liability law. What this essentially means is that if you live within the Los Angeles area for instance, and you purchased a product which did not adequately warn you that you could be injured as a result of using the product a certain way, and you sustained an injury due to a lack of adequate instructions or warnings which advised you of such, a Los Angeles Product Liability Attorney can help you to get compensatory damages for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and lost earning capacity.

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If you’ve been injured as a result of the utilization of a product it’s highly recommended that you use the services of Los Angeles Product Liability Lawyer to assist you with this process. The idea of settling for a set payment that is offered by the company may seem tempting but you will undoubtedly get more by using a lawyer. While you may feel that your options are limited due to an inability to afford legal expenses, this assumption is false and you can utilize the services of a lawyer as to which you will pay if and when you receive compensatory damages. To get a free consultation for an expert Los Angeles products liability lawyer, contact Our Los Angeles Personal injury law firm at The Farias Firm, PC at (818) 222-2222 by going here.


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