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If you’re riding in a bus or taxi at the time of the crash, the company involved in the collision is required by law to handle your claim quickly. The bus, limo or taxi company should offer you a settlement that reimburses all your medical bills, lost wages, and other related damages.

There are a variety of ridesharing businesses in Los Angeles, California, but Uber and Lyft are the most popular. Ridesharing companies are categorized legally as a “TNC” or Transportation Network Companies. Uber and Lyft are regulated by California’s Public Utilities Commission the Public Utilities Code.

As an Uber or Lyft driver who may be involved in an accident with a passenger, the insurance policy of ridesharing companies carries insurance for liability and collision.

If another party was at fault, then you must go through their insurance company to be entitled to compensation for damages to your car, lost earnings, coverage of medical bills, and yes a rental car to be able to go about your daily schedule. Our Uber accident lawyers in Los Angeles ready to help to sue uber for a car accident.

Our Los Angeles Uber Accident Attorney Help To Recover Ridesharing Damages

Unlike traditional vehicle vs. vehicle accidents, things become somewhat complicated in ridesharing accidents because ridesharing drivers use apps to drive. The law factors in apps to determine how, when, and why an accident occurs. If you don’t know what to do after an accident so, our Uber accident attorney in Los Angeles helps to recover your damages with our legal efforts.

After an Uber or Lyft ridesharing accident the damages that typically apply are the same as in a traditional car accident that may include:

  • emotional distress
  • loss of lifestyle enjoyment
  • earning capacity is interrupted
  • Lost wages
  • medical expenses
  • pain and suffering
  • physical therapy

Liability Process For Uber Accident

The liability process becomes a little more complicated if you’re involved in a rideshare accident involving an Uber or Lyft driver.  These companies are app-based, vehicle-for-hire services in which case drivers operate their own vehicles. This means that each driver is covered by their own auto insurance policy.  There are fewer safeguards to protect consumers. The drivers aren’t trained in the same manner as taxi drivers. The vehicles aren’t inspected in the same manner that taxis are, and the insurance coverage is entirely different.  Lyft and Uber have insurance for their drivers that differ depending on whether they have secured a passenger or not. If you need more information about the liability process so contact our Los Angeles Lyft accident attorney.

Ridesharing Legal Field

In order to receive the remuneration that you deserve, it is best to contact a Los Angeles uber accident attorney in Los Angeles who has experience in “rideshare” accident cases.

Ridesharing is a worldwide riding phenomenon and the same is true in the legal profession – this is a whole new legal field. An experienced Lyft accident lawyer in Los Angeles is always available to assist you in any way possible.

Ridesharing is very popular in large cities like Los Angeles, however, as this industry grows, more Uber and Lyft vehicles are very likely to be involved in accidents.

There are legal differences between an Uber accident and a traditional car crash. For instance, Uber does not consider its drivers as employees. Instead, ridesharing drivers are considered independent contractors and as such the ridesharing company insurance carrier may deny injury claims because of this detail.

What Happens In A Ridesharing Accident In Los Angeles?

But, as a passenger in an Uber or Lyft vehicle and you are involved in an accident and you wish to file a claim, a Lyft accident lawyer Los Angeles requests that you should gather some of the same information you would if you were personally involved in an accident. Get the name of your ridesharing driver and their insurance information. Take photos with your phone if possible, and notice if there were any witnesses, etc. There will be different types of insurance policies involved in an Uber or Lyft accident because all the drivers and the ridesharing companies must have their own insurance. An Uber driver or Lyft driver must carry personal insurance coverage that extends to their commercial activity.

The amount of money when you file a claim will possibly be limited to the driver’s policy maximums. This is important because many California drivers only want to carry low policy amounts. This would cheat you out of monies you may need related to any injuries that you received. Our Los Angeles uber accident attorney help to file a claim in our case.

Ridesharing companies in California


Ridesharing companies in California must carry million dollar liability coverage. Therefore, as an injured passenger, the ride-share company’s insurance policy will pay out just enough to cover your filed claim.

As we have mentioned above, your chances of going to trial is a lot better than settling for what the ride-share company wants to give you. Only an experienced Uber accident attorney in Los Angeles can guide you through this legal minutia that is very complicated.

Many Uber or Lyft riders ask the question that when they get into their driver’s cars, as passengers, are they insured with these companies? The answer is yes and this is true no matter who is at fault! if there is an uber accident in Los Angeles, you as the passenger is not at fault.

Remember earlier we mentioned how apps play into the role in accidents? Here is why. According to an Uber accident attorney in Los Angeles, if you were driving your personal car and a ridesharing driver hit you, then you would be covered by the at-fault party’s insurance.

Our Los Angeles Lyft Accident Lawyers Help In Your Insurance Coverage

Also, Uber’s insurance coverage is considered only if the driver for the ridesharing company was on company time. This means that if they were not on ridesharing app-time then you would not be able to file a claim against the company.

California is one of the states whose drivers operate under a comparative liability clause. This means that if you were hurt in an uber accident and you have partial responsibility for the accident, then you can file a claim and be able to still recover some damages. At Farias Firm, PC our Los Angeles Uber accident in attorneys helps to recover your damage.

taxi accident

However, it is up to the courts to determine how to divide the fault among both parties. As a ridesharing company, Uber drivers are held responsible for all expenses that stem from using their personal vehicles as a personal transportation vehicle.

Take A Legal Advice From Uber Accident Lawyers in Encino, Los Angeles

Using the legal services of a Lyft accident attorney in  Los Angeles is your best bet to receive the monetary damage awards that you and your loved ones will in all likelihood need.

An experienced Los Angeles Uber accident lawyer has the experience in this new field of law to know exactly what the Uber or Lyft company insurance and their driver’s insurance are responsible to compensate you fairly.

Contact Our Los Angeles Uber Accident Lawyers

If you’ve been injured in a rideshare car accident, you may be wondering about who will compensate you for your medical expenses, lost income, and other costs. The experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at The Farias Firm, PC have the knowledge and resources it takes to help you secure fair compensation for your losses. Call us to find out how we can help you. We can be reached at (818) 222-2222. We serve all of California and COME TO YOU immediately.

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What happens if you are involved in an accident with Uber in Los Angeles?

The first thing is to seek medical attention and call 911. Once your safety is ensured, look into the Uber’s insurance policy and file a claim for your losses. It is suggested to consult an experienced Uber accident lawyer for suing the drivers for the damages caused as these are more complicated than normal car accidents.

What is the biggest mistake people do when hiring an Uber accident lawyer in Los Angeles?

The biggest mistake that you should avoid when involved in an Uber accident is not doing some research while looking for an experienced lawyer. You should avoid picking any random or referred lawyer to handle your case as it may lead to you losing the settlement amount along with the case. Take your time, dig into the available options, and choose what’s best for you.

Can Los Angeles Uber or Lyft drivers be sued for accidents?

Depending on the circumstances of your accident, you may or may not sue your Uber or Lyft driver for the losses incurred. Even though you are covered by the company’s commercial liability coverage, you may still sue your driver if it was his negligence that led to significant injuries and sufferings. It’s advisable to consult an experienced lawyer before making the final decision.

How to find a professional Lyft accident attorney?

Just like any other accident cases, you need to begin with some research about the most experienced names when it comes to Lyft accident attorneys around you. Visit their websites, go for a free consultation, and learn about their past cases and reviews to judge their ability to help with your case.

How to get full compensation in an Uber accident in Los Angeles?

The most important step you need to take in order to claim your full compensation is to hire an experienced Uber accident attorney. This will ensure that you are well informed about the applicable laws and all the legal formalities are met in time. They will further evaluate your case to determine the best feasible value while keeping you safe from manipulative insurance companies.

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