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The bicycle accident lawyers at The Farias Firm represent accident victims. We can handle everything needed for you to get financial compensation.

When you’re hurt in an accident, Jaime Farias and his team of legal professionals are here to help. We know the anxiety that can come with filing a legal claim. You may not even know what to do first. When you need help, we’re here to protect your rights and fight for the results that you and your family deserve.

Bicycle Accident Lawyers Near Encino, CA

Do you need bicycle accident lawyers near Encino, CA? We invite you to learn more about our professional yet personal legal team with decades of collective experience. Client satisfaction is our top priority. For each case, we get to know our client and their story. Then, we customize a legal plan to meet your needs, rights and goals.

How can a bicycle accident lawyer help me?

A bicycle accident lawyer can help you with your case from start to finish. There are many tasks that must happen for you to get financial compensation. Your lawyer knows how to identify what needs to happen and what mistakes to avoid. They can work to maximize the dollars in your pocket and strategize to make the legal process as manageable as possible. Ultimately, a bicycle accident lawyer is trained and licensed professional who is ready to help you get the results that you deserve.


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California Bicycle Accident Laws

California bicycle accident laws come from car accident laws and general civil laws for accidents in society.

Minimum Insurance for Bicycle Accidents

Each driver in the State of California must have minimum amounts of car insurance. A driver must have at least $15,000 per person for injury, $30,000 for all persons injured and $5,000 for property damage. These amounts are accessible for bicycle accident victims. In addition, many drivers carry higher amounts, and your own insurance may also provide uninsured or underinsured coverage.

Making a Report

When you report a bicycle accident, the insurance company must acknowledge the report, start the investigation and respond within 15 days. You may make the report by phone or in writing. The insurance company has 40 days after receipt of the needed documentation to accept or deny the claim.

How is fault determined for a bicycle accident claim?

Fault for a bicycle accident claim depends on who caused the accident. While most bicycle accidents are the fault of the motor vehicle driver, either party may have some responsibility. Any party who contributes to a crash because of violation of a traffic law may be at fault.
Examples of bicycle accident fault:

  • Speeding
  • Failing to yield
  • Running a stop sign
  • Entering a crosswalk when there are bicyclists
  • Not leaving room at the side of the road for riders
  • Not stopping far enough behind a crosswalk
  • Turning in front of a bicyclist
  • DUI/DWI/Drunk driving/Driving under the influence of drugs
  • Driving without enough sleep

Violating a traffic law is strong evidence of negligence. However, any kind of carelessness can be grounds for fault in a bicycle accident claim.

What if I’m partially at fault for my bicycle accident?

Even if you’re partially at fault for a bicycle accident, you may deserve some financial compensation. California law uses a system of pure comparative fault for the accident. If the bicyclist has some blame, they may still bring a claim. The amount that they can receive is reduced, but the claim is still viable. Meet with a lawyer for bicycle accidents in order to determine how fault may play into your case.

Bicycle Accident Lawsuit FAQs

Can you claim compensation for a bicycle accident in California?

Yes, you can claim compensation for a bicycle accident in California if the driver is at fault for the accident. If you have personal injuries or property damage, the driver who causes the accident must pay the victim. The victim initiates their claim by reporting to the insurance company or filing a lawsuit.

Can you sue someone for hitting you on a bike in California?

Yes, you can sue someone for hitting you on a bike. Bicyclists have the right to protection under California negligence laws that apply to all car accidents in the state. The same rules for fault and determination of compensation are in place for bicyclists that apply in other car accident claims.

How long do I have to sue after a bicycle accident in California?

You have two years to sue after a bicycle accident under California Code of Civil Procedure § 335.1. The limit is extended to three years if the claim involves only property damage. The time limit is not stayed when you are talking to the insurance company, so be aware of approaching deadlines.

Can you sue in California if the government is at fault for a bicycle accident?

Yes, it is possible to sue the government if they are at fault for a bicycle accident in California. You must give notice within six months and comply with other requirements of the California Tort Claims Act.

How do I get a bicycle accident claim payout?

To get a bicycle accident claim payout, you must make an insurance claim or file a lawsuit. The insurance companies are legally obliged to make a good faith effort to pay claims that fall under active policies. If that’s not enough to get the fair compensation you deserve, you get a payout by filing a legal claim.

How much does a bicycle accident lawyer cost?

At The Farias Firm, we believe that everyone should be able to afford a lawyer. That’s why we offer no-cost consultations so that you can learn about your case. In addition, we can represent you on a contingency fee basis with no fee unless you win your case.

We believe in transparency and clear communication about how we bill for services. You shouldn’t have to worry about paying your lawyer while you focus on your recovery. Come see how affordable working with our team of lawyers can really be.

Best Bicycle Accident Lawyers for Your Case

Are you looking for the best bicycle accident lawyers for your case? Jaime Farias and his team proudly serve those who need them the most. As a first-generation Mexican American, Jaime Farias understands your unique needs and worries. You have important rights, regardless of your immigration status. We’re here to give you the respect and outstanding service that you deserve.
Jamie Farias has the following memberships and honors:

  • Lawyers of Distinction
  • Super Lawyers – Rising Stars
  • Mexican American Bar Association
  • American Bar Association
  • Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • California State Bar and Applicants Attorney Association
  • San Fernando Valley Bar Association
  • Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles


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