Common Questions

What type of questions will you ask me when I call The Farias Firm?

We will ask for your name and contact information; when, where and how the accident occurred and a brief description of the damage and injury. We will also ask simple questions follow-up questions specific to your situation that allow us to immediately evaluate your case.

How long does a call with The Farias Firm typically take?

Normally, a call should only take about 20-30 minutes. We know your time is valuable, so we will do our best to make your call as quick and efficient as possible. We ask that you have as much information about the accident available during our call.

Is my consultation free?

Absolutely! You’re first consultation with The Farias Firm is free-of-charge!

Do I really not have to pay anything until the case is won?

It is absolutely true! You will not pay anything until the case is resolved and completed. The Farias Firm will only charge a percentage of the amount that corresponds to you. You will not pay anything before the end of your case. at The Farias Firm, we do not like to charge for each hour worked. We prefer that you do not have to worry about the legal fees during your case, because many times, the customer has already lost money or the ability to earn money at work because of an accident. At The Farias Firm, we want to make sure that this stressful situation is as easy for you as possible. Our goal is to legally defend and fight for your rights. At The Farias Firm we know very well from experience the emotional damage you have after an accident. If your case does not result in you being compensated, we will not charge you anything for the time, energy, and effort we invested in your case. When your case is successful, our payment will be received only after you have received yours. 

How will I know if I can win my case?

A lawyer from The Farias Firm is going to tell if your case is valid based on the law and the CIRCUMSTANCES of your accident. Our lawyers are specialized in auto accidents, accidents at work, and other areas of legal aid. By consulting with a lawyer from The Farias Firm, we will give an opinion on your situation, based your incident and with the information you provide. The first thing you have to do is call The Farias Firm to know if your case holds water. By accepting your case, The Farias Firm will be your defense.

Is my call with The Farias Firm confidential?

Absolutely! All information you provide to The Farias Firm is 100% private and 100% confidential. No matter your legal situation, everything is strictly between you and your lawyer.

Does it matter if I don’t live close to your offices?

That’s no problem whatsoever. Depending on your situation and after speaking with one of our representatives, The Farias Firm can make arrangements for our investigative team to come to you and learn more about your situation.

Why is it so important to call a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident?

The sooner you call The Farias Firm, the better we can help. The more time that passes, the more complicated your situation can get with the insurance company or your employer. There are also strict deadlines to enforce your rights and if you let the time pass you could you lose your rights.

I prefer to speak english. Will The Farias Firm help me out in English?

Of course! Our representatives speak Spanish and English. We are here to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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