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Get financial compensation for your dog bite injury with the help of The Farias Firm dog bite lawyers in Encino, CA.

California leads the United States in the number of dog bites each year. Thousands of victims need emergency medical care each year because of dog bites.

You may deserve financial compensation. Let our dog bite lawyer team help you pursue the compensation that you deserve.

How do I get compensation for a dog bite?

To get compensation for a dog bite, you must pursue a legal claim. It may be possible to make a claim through the owner’s home insurance policy. However, if they will not pay you fairly or they do not have insurance, a legal claim may be necessary to receive financial compensation.

The victim must identify their damages, claim them and prove the amount as part of their case. A lawyer for dog bites may represent you in the compensation process.

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How can a lawyer for dog bites help me?

A lawyer for dog bites plays a critical role in facilitating your compensation for a dog bite case. They may assist with any of the following tasks:

  • Knowing if you have a right to compensation
  • Helping you understand what your case may be worth
  • Determining whether there is a homeowner insurance policy that may pay
  • Making sure you’re not leaving any kinds of damages out
  • Using expert witnesses to prove the vicious tendency of the animal
  • Showing the full extent of the injury and long-term damages
  • Pursuit of compensation through insurance or a legal claim
  • Courtroom advocacy, speaking in court on your behalf
  • Drafting court documents, creating a legal strategy
  • Negotiating a settlement
  • Taking your case to trial

Our dog bite lawyers offer complete legal services. We handle all the tasks necessary to win your case. When you need a powerful legal advocate, we can help you from start to finish.

Does home insurance cover dog bites?

Yes, home insurance often covers dog bites. If the owner has a policy, insurance may cover damages up to the policy limit. The owner may have personal liability beyond this amount.

Many people are hesitant to bring a dog bite claim because the owner may be a friend or relative. Don’t let that stop you – often, it’s their insurance policy that pays damages. Let our dog bite lawyers help you understand how the law works and explore all your options.

California Dog Bite Laws

California dog bite laws are found in California Civil Code Article 2 § 3342. The law says that the owner is liable for a bite that occurs to the victim if the victim is in a public place or lawfully in a private place. Generally, there is strict liability for dog bites in California if the victim is not trespassing. The owner may even be liable for a bite that occurs on their own property.

Strict liability for dog bites applies in California regardless of the viciousness of the dog. Even if the owner didn’t know that the dog would bite, the victim may claim financial compensation. Payments may include amounts for monetary costs, loss of bodily function and pain and suffering.

Dog Bite Lawsuit FAQs

Does California have a one-bite rule for dog bites?

No, California does not have a one-bite rule for dog bites. The dog owner may owe a victim financial compensation the first time that a bite occurs. There is no exception for cases where the owner is unaware of the dog’s viciousness or tendency to bite.

Are dog owners in California liable for dog bites during deliveries?

Yes, dog owners in California are liable for dog bites that occur during deliveries. A person who is delivering mail or packages has implied permission to be on the property. They are lawfully in a private place. California law requires the owner to pay the victim for damages.

What are some defenses to dog bite lawsuits?

Some common defenses to dog bite lawsuits are:

  • Trespassing
  • Comparative negligence
  • Assumption of the risk
  • Provocation of the animal

Does comparative negligence apply to California dog bite claims?

Yes, comparative negligence may apply to California dog bite claims. The owner may reduce their legal liability by showing how the victim contributed to the dog attack. Determining comparative negligence is a factual question based on events leading up to the attack.

Can you sue for a police dog attack in California?

Yes, it is possible to sue for a police dog attack in California. In general, California law exempts law enforcement from liability for the actions of their working animals. However, a victim who is not a party, participant or suspect in criminal activity may still maintain a claim against a government unit if they are a victim of a bite. (City of Huntington Beach v. City of Westminster, Cal App 4th Dist. 1997.)

Is an owner liable if their dog bites a veterinarian during treatment?

Generally, an owner is not legally liable if their dog bites a veterinarian while receiving medical care.

How long does a victim have to bring a dog bite claim in California?

A victim has two years to start a dog bite claim in California. California Civil Code 335.1 limits dog bite claims to two years from the date of the attack.

Can you sue if your dog is bitten by another dog?

Yes, you may sue if your dog is bitten by another dog. The claim is not a personal injury claim but a trespass to chattels. Damages may include the cost of medical treatment and the harm to the pet.

Will a dog be put down if there is a dog bite lawsuit in California?

In California, a dog is not necessarily put down just because of a dog bite lawsuit. If the dog has a prior bite history or is trained to be aggressive, it may be appropriate to put the dog down for the safety of the community. California Civil Code § 3342.5(c) creates guidelines for how to review what has happened and determine the appropriate course of action.

Why Choose The Farias Firm Dog Bite Lawyers

When you’re a victim, you may have fear and anxiety. You are worried about being shuffled off to the side and your rights being discarded. But The Farias Firm is committed to helping you when you need it most.

You have rights, regardless of your immigration status. As a first generation Mexican American, Jaime G. Farias understands the worries and needs of the Hispanic community and the Encino, CA community.

Jaime G. Farias has the education and credentials to meet your legal needs including:

  • Juris Doctorate from Whittier Law School
  • Bachelor of Arts from Loyola Marymount University
  • California State Bar, member
  • American Bar Association, member
  • Mexican American Bar Association, member
  • Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, member

He opened The Farias Firm to make a difference for people when they need it most.


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