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If you or someone you love have gotten into any kind of accident in Los Angeles that left you or them with a brain injury or a head injury in Los Angeles, then you know just how stressful the whole ordeal can be. Not only are you having to deal with a doctor after doctor, but you will more than likely also have to find ways to start living life normally again even though the brain injury can cause lasting damage that may mean you or your loved one may never be the same again. If your TBI happened as a result of someone else being negligent, first of all, brain injury affects your life then you need a good brain injury lawyer Los Angeles to be willing to come beside you and walk through every aspect of the case with you. This type of injury is quite possibly the worst kind of person can sustain, and if it happens because of someone else, then you should be able to get the compensation that you are owed, and an experienced brain injury attorney in Los Angeles can help you do just that. Below are just a few reasons to why you should hire a Los Angeles brain injury lawyer to take on your case instead of trying to deal with it on your own.

1.) They Will Keep Your Best Interests At Heart

As a person who sustained a traumatic brain injury, you may see that there are lapses in memory from time to time and it can be difficult to concentrate either all the time or on different occasions based on your environment. You need to find a brain injury attorney in Los Angeles that you trust to act in your best interest throughout the entire duration of your case. You may not be able to concentrate or have the ability to put every fact of your case to memory, but a Los Angeles brain injury lawyer acting in your best interest can look at and remember all sides of your case in order to take your case to court and prove that you are owed compensation.

2.) They Will Help You Take Care Of Your Expenses

Putting together a Los Angeles brain injury lawyers team of experts like scientific experts, financial, medical, and legal experts who can come together and help put together all the facts of the case in order to prove that someone else caused your accident that led to you sustaining a TBI is not only difficult emotionally and mentally, but it is also financially draining. Most people simply cannot pay the price of all of these experts straight out of their pockets, especially when they have medical bills on top of it. Hiring a Los Angeles brain injury attorneys means you will have someone in your corner who is keeping all of your expenses written in one place, coordinating all of the experts for you, and setting up a plan so that you do not have to pay the experts until you win the compensation of your brain injury.

3.) They Have More Knowledge Of The Law Than You Do

A Los Angeles brain injury attorney who is experienced in doing personal injury cases and cases that have to do with traumatic brain injuries specifically will have the knowledge and experience it takes to know exactly where to find witnesses who saw someone else caused your accident, doctors, and other experts that they need to bring in to help prove your case. They will also know every letter of the law when it comes to these types of injuries meaning that once they get into the courtroom, the ball is in their court and they are ready with facts about the case and experts to back them giving you a higher chance of success.

Brain Injury lawyer

4.) You Can Let The Los Angeles Brain Injury Lawyers Deal With Insurance

Unfortunately, after you get into an accident and sustain a brain injury, it is not just proving your case and getting the compensation that you are owed that you have to worry about. It is no secret that insurance companies are difficult to deal with on any matter as they are looking out for themselves and not working for you. You do not have to settle for a small pay-out that the insurance adjuster will try to settle you with. You will more than likely be owed more than what they are trying to skate by with, but since you have no real knowledge of the law, you will are likely to take their word for it and settle for their first offer. Hiring a Los Angeles brain injury attorney means that you are putting someone in your corner who will go at the insurance companies for you! They will take that stress off of your shoulders and ensure that you get every single penny that the insurance companies owe you.

Simply getting into an accident is a scary and stressful situation, but getting into an accident that was caused by someone else and ending up with a traumatic brain injury, as a result, is downright terrifying. You cannot simply focus on your healing and living without stress on your shoulders if you try to take on the case on your own and get the compensation that you are owed by the other party. Hiring a Los Angeles brain injury attorney to be on your side and win your case for you will save you stress, save you time, ensure you get the money you are owed and will allow you to breathe and focus on your healing and moving onto the next phase of life.

How Can A Brain Injury Affect My Life?

All of the consequences of a traumatic brain injury may not be readily apparent immediately after an injury, which is why a long-term understanding of the impacts of such an injury is important. Depending on the seriousness of the injury and the area of the brain that has been damaged, the results can vary quite a lot. In general, however, certain issues are pretty common after a traumatic injury:

  • Difficulty communicating
  • Difficulty performing previously routine tasks
  • Inability to return to work
  • Immediate medical costs for treatment of the injury
  • Ongoing medical costs for brain injury rehabilitation or care
  • Additional need for assistance or care from family
  • Additional costs for equipment or medical supplies

The financial consequences of a traumatic brain injury can be particularly difficult to manage. The combination of loss of employment and additional expenses for medical bills, treatment, and equipment can be crippling. Even when someone receives disability payments, that is often not enough to fully compensate him or her for the new costs of living. That is why a civil lawsuit against a party that negligently caused a traumatic brain injury is financially necessary.

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