What Are the Most Common Types of Semi Truck Accident Cases in Encino, CA

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Most Common Types of Semi Truck Accident Cases in Encino, CA

Among the businesses that thrive most in Encino California is the transportation of goods by trucks. This is a great means of livelihood for those in it. However, when truck accidents happen in Los Angeles, CA, the situation can even be fatal. Most victims of semi-truck accidents get maimed for life and when one is lucky, it takes ages to recover. Any truck accident lawyer will tell you that among the personal injury claims that attract very high compensation are semi-truck accident truck accidents. However in Encino, a driver of a semi-truck is not always obviously liable for causation of an accident, victims have to prove their case. Therefore as a semi-truck owner or driver, you will need the best Encino truck accident lawyer on your team in the event such a situation finds you. Here are some of the most common types of semi-truck accident cases in Encino, California.

Jackknife AccidentWhat Are the Most Common Types of Semi Truck Accident Cases in Los Angeles, CA

Among the most feared truck accidents is the jackknife. This type of accident has often led to several fatalities. When suck an accident happens on a very busy road, most times because the truck blocks the entire road, there is a likelihood that several vehicles will crash into each other. Most semi-trucks usually have a rig attached and this means that the driver is not supposed to brake abruptly. If and when it happens then the damages that can be incurred are many. As a semi-truck owner in Encino, these accidents are unforeseen. You need to stay prepared by retaining a good truck accident attorney for such times.

Under-ride Accidents

Small vehicles driving behind semi-trucks in Encino roads often end up under the track. Keeping distance is the ultimate safety measure to exercise but at times these accidents are unavoidable. Victims often end with great injuries more so those in the front seat. In worse circumstances, this accident leads to death.


This is among the most common witnessed semi-truck accidents in Encino. It is not uncommon when driving along roads to come across truck rolled over on the sides of the roads. In worst-case scenarios when the truck rolls over it might land on unsuspecting motorists and other road users. In the event you are the owner or driver of the truck then you will have to face claims from the injured parties.

Tire Bursts

Most drivers have experienced this but it is even much difficult to handle when the vehicle is a truck. Most times it will roll over and cause several other accidents. Drivers that drive behind semi-trucks are usually advised to keep a safe distance so that in the event of a tire burst they can secure themselves.

Rear-end Accidents

Most people refer to this as a sudden hit from the back of a vehicle more so passenger vehicle. Due to the weight of semi-trucks, most victims end up with serious permanent disabilities. Victims of such accidents will need heavy compensation depending on what they have lost due to injuries suffered. A good accident lawyer will help victims to get the maximum compensation they need to help make their lives bearable.

Semi-truck accidents are several. While some are avoidable some are not. With the legal framework as regards personal injury claims in Encino, causation has to be established. In most circumstances, semi truck owners and drivers are held liable.

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