What to Do If You Slip and Fall in a Store

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What to Do If You Slip and Fall in a Store in Los Angeles

An accident can happen at any time and in any location like Los Angeles. Business owners are well aware of this fact and develop incident reporting processes to deal with accidents, including slip and fall events in Los Angeles. If you experience a fall at some point in the future in a retail establishment, keep the following steps in mind to make the process of acquiring the help that you need easier:

Report the AccidentSlip and Fall in a Store

Talk to the manager or owner of the store immediately. The basic reporting process typically involves a store representative asking you to fill out an incident report or answer questions while they fill it out for you. They might also ask you if you want them to call emergency services in Los Angeles. They might provide you with their insurance company’s details so that you can submit a Los Angeles slip and fall claim. On the other hand, they might advise you that the insurer will contact you within so many business days.

See a Doctor

Whether you’re seriously injured or not, you should always follow up with a doctor, especially if you decide not to go to the closest emergency room right after the fall in Los Angeles. In many cases, a person who falls in a store doesn’t realize how badly they’re injured until one or two days after the incident. Sometimes, you might not become aware of the full scope of how the fall impacted you until months later. A Los Angeles doctor can assess the situation and discuss with you any immediately noticeable injuries. Their evaluation creates a record that can also help them determine if any new symptoms months later connect back to the incident.

Seek Legal Advice in Los Angeles

Lastly, take the time to speak with a Encino personal injury lawyer. Again, it doesn’t matter if you were seriously injured or not. Medical costs are sky high these days even for a single office visit with a family doctor. Subsequent tests, treatments like surgery and physical therapy and even fuel costs for travel to medical facilities can quickly destroy a person’s savings. You might need to take time off from work as well. If the initial slip resulted from unsafe conditions, such as a recently cleaned floor that the staff didn’t appropriately warn customers about with signage, then you might have a case. A slip & fall accident attorney in Encino can explain your options and rights. If necessary, they can help you get the money you need to cover related medical costs and work downtime.

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