5 Ways Fall Protection May Harm Construction Workers In Encino

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Nearly 1000 construction workers in the U.S. lost their lives in 2017 in work-related accidents with falls, in particular, as the number one cause. It is discomfiting that any safeguards these workers may have had in place failed them, resulting in deadly consequences. Intervention by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in 2017 mandating fall protection has made the construction industry safer, but not perfect. Thus, it is incumbent upon the vested parties to examine why fall protection can harm instead of help. Below are five ways fall protection may harm construction workers in Los Angeles.

  • Equipment Fatigue

With continued use, safety equipment weakens over time. Thus, it must be inspected often to ensure its fitness for use and compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • The Structural Integrity Of Fall Protection Supports Are Inadequate

The equipment has to be assessed to ensure safety. It is not enough to install a guardrail, toe boards or other safety equipment when working on roofs or otherwise high altitudes without a proper assessment of their pertinent efficacy. Guardrails must be strong enough to support the weight of the workers and accommodate slippery conditions and other potential hazards.

  • Improperly Fitted Or Improper Use Of Fall Protection

Each worker should follow the manufacturer’s requirements when wearing or installing fall protection and use it for the purposes for which it was designed. Fall arrest systems can cause bodily injuries in an accident if worn incorrectly.

  • Inadequate Training

Training is a vital part of fall protection. Yet, if the information is outdated or not kept up to industry standards, it may not give employees the necessary information to stay safe on the job. Training has to be ongoing and must adapt to the constantly changing environment of the construction worksite.

  • Lack Of A Concrete Rescue Plan

If a geared-up worker survives a fall but is left spinning in high winds——or a myriad of other possible scenarios——rescue plans for such a situation should be in place prior to starting a job. While it may not be possible to plan for every possibility, having a plan in place for the most common of accidents will aid in a worker’s survival.

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