Common Slip And Fall Injuries

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From minor to catastrophic injury, slipping and falling can be prevented by paying attention to your surroundings most of the time. For those injuries that were unforeseeable, a good Encino slip and fall lawyer can help you get back on your feet. The following is a list of common slip and fall injuries and how they can affect you.

Strains – A strain is an injury where connective tissue attaches muscle tissue to the bone. This will cause very limited movement in the injured area. Redness and swelling are common reactions to this type of injury.

Sprains – Sprains are common in sports. Sprains involve the connective tissue between two muscle groups. This injury may have similar outward symptoms to strains, but usually, they are accompanied by less restrictive movement in the injured area.

Fractures – This injury occurs when the bone is stressed so much that a thin crack forms at the site of the stress.

Breaks – Like fractures, this is caused by stressing the bone too much. This injury does not just form a fracture but is a complete break all of the way through the bone at the site of the stress.

Concussion – Concussions are common in full contact sports and arises from the speed of deceleration and the force of the forward motion being halted suddenly. This can cause swelling in the brain resulting in permanent damage to the brain.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – When the force is great enough, the brain suffers from three impacts. First, the full stop of the skull causes the brain to tear free of the connective tissue holding it in place. Second, the brain hits the front of the skull. Third, the brain hits the back of the skull. In a TBI, all of the actions serve to cause an intracranial hemorrhage causing the death of brain cells resulting in permanent damage. Contact a Los Angeles brain injury lawyer for legal help.

If you have been Suffered a slip and fall injuries in Los Angeles and need legal help, Contact our Encino personal injury attorneys at The Farias Firm, PC.


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