How many Semi-Truck cause accidents in Encino?

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Why semi-trucks can be dangerous in Los Angeles, CA

We have all seen the big, powerful semi-trucks. A lot of us as children would try to coax the driver into honking because we loved hearing that loud horn. However, what most people don’t know is that those trucks can be quite dangerous. The maximum amount of weight they can carry is 80,000 pounds. That’s enough weight to crush any vehicle. Some trucks can carry hazardous materials such as gas or chemicals that could potentially spill in the event of an accident. Other trucks carry tree logs that have the risk of dislodging and falling onto the road, causing a pile-up. With so much weight being carried it becomes very difficult for the driver to stop the truck quickly. Which is why you never pull out in front of a semi without allowing them ample room to slow down.

There are around 500,000 semi-truck accidents a year in the United States and about 5,000 of those wrecks result in death. Los Angeles is one of our most busy cities, so it makes sense that there would be a lot of semi-trucks in that area. Los Angeles’ two most popular freeways are I-5 and I-10, and unfortunately, that is where semi accidents are most common. In the state of California, each of those freeways experiences more than 1,000 truck collisions each year. That’s over 2,000 semi accidents just in Los Angeles. That is because Los Angeles is the world’s most dangerous county for truck accidents.


Of course, accidents can occur for many different reasons. Every year a single semi-truck will travel an average of 45,000 miles. A lot of mileage means a lot of maintenance to keep up with. We all know that if you don’t look after your vehicle that it will eventually break down and your new mechanical issues can very likely be the cause of an accident. The same is true for semi-trucks.

Here are the most common mechanical issues to cause truck accidents

  • Tires- 51%
  • Jump or pull start- 7%
  • Airline or hose- 5%
  • Alternator- 4%
  • Wiring- 3%

Now while we understand that it may be a mechanical issue that causes some wrecks, we know that more often than not a wreck or accident is caused by the person who is driving the vehicle. Most semi-trucks are used to haul products and materials across states. That means longs hours of driving with very few stops in between.

Here are the leading causes of semi-truck accidents

As you can see there are many different reasons why semi-trucks can cause accidents. Especially in a busy place like LA where you might want a truck accident lawyer Los Angeles. Remember to always be cautious around semi-trucks. Be sure to stay out of their blind spot and give them room. If you do everything right and still end up in an accident with a semi-truck be sure to get a semi-truck accident lawyer in, Encino.

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