How Long Car Accident Case Take to Settle in Encino

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Car Accident Settlements in Los Angeles

If you or a loved one is involved or injured in an auto accident, it can be very frustrating especially if you’re hurt or the other driver doesn’t have insurance. The main purpose is that you shouldn’t handle the claim by yourself.

How Long Until a Settlement is ReachedCar Accident Settlements in Los Angeles

When a civil claim is filed, it means that the plaintiff should get the money entitled to them as soon as possible. There are a few steps that must be met to reach than anticipated settlement:

1) It could take one day to several years depending on the treatment needed to complete the medical process. If you or your loved one has reached the maximum medical improvement stage, the settlement could be less than what was originally stated.

2) You must have medical bills along with proof of lost wages.

3) After your lawyer draws up a demand package, the insurance company has 15-90 days to respond. Most insurance companies will respond closer to the 90-day mark.

Who’s At Fault

A large settlement depends on who is at fault. California is a comparative fault state, meaning that if it’s determined tha you had anything to do with causing the accident, you can still receive a settlement; however, it will be a reduced percentage than if you didn’t have any fault.

It’s extremely important to protect yourself while pursuing an auto accident claim in Los Angeles.

1) Seek medical attention immediately is vital to your case Follow up with the doctor visits and keep records of medical treatment.

2) Document the accident with pictures of all vehicles involved including place, dates and the time of the accident occurred.

3) It’s necessary to file a police report because your insurance company will ask for

it, but Los Angeles police officers are extremely busy and may not include specific details regarding your case. You may need to do your own investigation and find witnesses, ask them for their name, address, and phone number. Properly document everything that occurred during the accident even accidents that isn’t properly documented can still end up in court.

4) Don’t Speak with an Insurance Adjuster because they’re likely to twist anything you

say into something else to reduce your settlement amount. They may also ask for personal information that they won’t need. It’s important for you to allow the car accident lawyer to handle these types of situations.

You need a tough car accident lawyer who will get you the money you deserve. You will need a seasoned law firm that has a substantial amount of experience in auto accidents. They will fight for you to have your settlement sooner rather than later. Car accident lawyers in Los Angeles understand the details that go into pursuing cases involving serious injuries.

Contact A Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

Living and working in the beautiful city of Los Angeles does not complete with a car accident, yet it does happen. To protect the health and finances for yourself or your loved ones, an auto accident attorney Los Angles is what you need. Contact our Encino personal injury law firm at Farias Firm, PC for free legal consultation.


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