How to become a personal injury lawyer

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How to become a personal injury lawyer In Los Angeles

Before embarking on the task of becoming a personal injury  lawyer, one has to plan and dedicate the hard work that is necessary. First, one has to complete four (4) years of undergraduate studies (in any field). Second, one has to study and pass the dreadful LSAT Examination. The LSAT will determine which law schools will accept you to pursue a Law Degree. With a high LSAT score, you will have options of which Law School to attend in or out of your State. Once your decision is made, off you go to pursue a rigorous law school education. You CAN do it to become a personal injury lawyer.

Pass The Painstaking Bar Examination For The State

After studying and taking a plethora of examinations while in law school, you graduate. However, you have yet another hurdle; you have to study (for 3-4 months) and pass the painstaking Bar Examination for the State in which you desire to practice in. Most Bar Examinations are 2-day examinations. Again, you CAN do it to become a personal injury lawyer

You have passed the Bar! While a huge celebration is absolutely necessary, you have to again plan which field of law you would like to practice in. After all, you know that you want to be a litigator, you’re a natural, you just love the courtroom. You have studied very hard while your friends were wasting time, now it is time for all of your studies and hard work to pay off. You’ve chosen to be a Personal Injury Lawyer.

Mentor in this field is very advantageous

While being a Personal Injury Lawyer is very lucrative, it requires lots of courtroom experience and passion. Having a Mentor in this field is very advantageous. A Mentor that you can shadow around the office to see how he/she handles their caseloads, paralegals and staff is critical. Additionally, you need to see how your Mentor handles a trial, a mediation and of course their clients. Additionally, you have to keep in the back of your mind that you are not on and island by yourself. Get involved with your local Bar Associations, with other Personal Injury Attorneys and network, network, network.

You cannot solely think of the money that you will earn from each case, you have to think and care about your clients! You will be dealing with people who have suffered a tremendous loss both physically and emotionally, you have to care. You should not get into the habit of pushing your clients off to your paralegals; stay at the office late, work on the weekends, be engulfed in your cases. Remember that your current clients will refer you to many more clients. As a Personal Injury Attorney, you have to show compassion for your clients while being aggressive to advocate for their case.

Becoming a Personal Injury Attorney in Encino is not easy, but it is worth it. You CAN do it!

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