Who’s fault in a car accident? How car accident investigations work

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What to do after a car accident In Los Angeles

There are on average 6 million car accidents every year in the US and over 36,000 fatalities in 2018. Car accidents are obviously common and in most cases preventable, one of the crucial ways of cracking down on car accidents is determining who is at fault and how to hold accountability. This is where car accident investigations come in, professional advice from a car accident lawyer in addition to thorough research is highly recommended. After the car accident occurs, there’s a process the scene must undergo in order to ensure proper action is taken. If you don’t know what to do after a car accident injury so, take the help of a Los Angeles car accident lawyer for your car accident investigation.

Law Enforcement Should be Notified After Your Injury In Los Angeles

After assessing your own injuries in addition to everyone else involved, law enforcement should be notified immediately. Not only because law enforcement officials are trained to handle car accidents, but can also administer tests in order to see if drugs or alcohol made any contribution to the car accident. There is also the factor of having law enforcement as an unbiased third-party that can document that crash scene that can also be used for insurance claims in addition to being a vital court document should it deem necessary. When gathering evidence for insurance and personal injury claims in order to be financially compensated, it is crucial to not only remain at the scene but also sufficiently gather evidence such as the aforementioned police report, photos of the vehicle and bodily damage, personal notes and witness statements from any area bystanders. Heavily detailed documentation not only helps determine liability but also expedites the process of compensation.

File an Insurance Claim CorrectlySue a insurance company

After gathering a sufficient amount of the aforementioned evidence, it is crucial to file an insurance claim correctly. This is where the guidance of a Encino personal injury lawyer is most important as many people are prone to quickly claiming a victim settlement offered by the other party’s insurance company which are often lowball offers that do not provide sufficient coverage. Prior knowledge of one’s insurance policy is also highly recommended so that one has an idea of what will and won’t be covered through the policy. A personal injury lawyer can assist with insurance claims and ensure that the company covers the maximum amount of compensation with medical bills of your car accident also.

While car accidents are unfortunately common occurrences, the best thing one can do for themselves is not only safer driving methods but arming themselves with a sufficient legal team of experts that can ensure that not only the other party is accountable but that financial compensation over loss of wages, medical bills and any other cost is mitigated

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