How To File a Personal Injury Claim

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Personal Injury Claim in Los Angeles

You have to file a personal injury lawsuit after you’ve had an accident of any kind in which you injure yourself on someone else’s property. You then go after a financial settlement so you can pay the medical bills that you have to pay for yourself. You also have to pay for medical supplies, such as bandages and find a personal injury lawyer for legal help. Having someone else pay for your medical care becomes the foundation of the American legal system at large.

A personal injury trial will award you damages, whether you are covered by an insurance policy or not. You need insurance policies for many situations. Personal injury attorneys do provide a free consultation to see if you have a case. Sometimes they work on a “contingency” basis, which means that the client pays nothing at all unless there is a settlement drawn up in court because you need a personal injury lawyer to help you.

The lawsuit you file is highly dependent on how severe your injuries wind up becoming. You know you need to file a claim to go after the at-fault person’s assets. If the defendant has no insurance policy in place, this can determine how much of a settlement you would get.

The lawsuit you file has to be filed in your state’s civil court. Being able to discuss the injury with a personal injury lawyer is very productive. Many personal injury cases do reach a settlement before trial because both parties would like to avoid court. However, there is a statute of limitations in each state governing when a personal injury lawsuit can be filed. A claim is different from a lawsuit in that a claim is defined as a formal request made to an insurance company appealing for a settlement when you recover from your injuries.

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