Types Of Personal Injury Cases You Should Know

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The Different Many Types of Personal Injury Cases

The risks of living are everywhere, whether you are walking, driving, working or merely relaxing at home. If one of these risks results in an accident and, in turn, a personal injury, you may consider seeking compensatory damages from the responsible party. This is the time you need the services of a personal injury attorney. These are some of the more common personal injury cases you may encounter in your life:

Traffic Crashes

Vehicular mishaps kill and injure thousands every year in and around Los Angeles. Many of these wrecks are caused by drivers who are intoxicated or merely reckless. In California, victims and their families can seek damages from those responsible, but they will need proper legal representation to ensure that their cases are handled properly. They can find such help from a personal injury lawyer.

Slips and Falls

These are potentially serious mishaps that can result in external and internal injuries ranging from lacerations to brain trauma. Falls may result from the accumulation of liquid substances on floors, uneven pavement, poor lighting, and faulty stairways. The victims of such negligence can find assistance from a slip and fall accident attorney in Encino.

Medical Malpractice

Medical errors, which include the improper diagnosis of a disorder or faulty treatment of an identified ailment, can create or worsen a health problem. The doctors, nurses and other health workers who make these mistakes are legally responsible for their actions. However, a legal remedy will require intervention by a personal injury lawyer.

Workplace Accidents

Mishaps occurring at work may result from poor safety practices by a company or the individual actions of employees. Lapses in safety can result in fall-type injuries, amputations related to the use of machinery, burns stemming from fires, and the long-term effects of exposure to hazardous chemicals. It is the victims of workplace accidents who need the assistance of a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles.

Other Types of Personal Injury Cases

Such cases may also stem from products that were not designed or manufactured properly, from dog bites in Encino and from mishaps involving forms of transportation other than automobiles. The defamation of a person’s character will not cause any physical harm, but it can still be considered a type of personal injury. Nomade how you have been victimized, you should consider seeking the help of a Encino personal injury lawyer. Call us today for a free consultation.


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