What Are Some Examples of Traumatic Brain Injuries?

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What Are Some Examples of Traumatic Brain Injuries? 

Head injuries can happen to your brain, skull, or scalp. You can get anywhere from a bump to eventually progressing to a major traumatic brain injury. Having head injuries means they are either closed or open depending on how bad it is. There is a mild traumatic brain injury, moderate traumatic brain injury, and severe brain injury. In moderate to severe cases you need a brain injury lawyer, Mild traumatic brain injury is 13-15 on the Glasgow Coma Scale and involves a loss of consciousness that is brief, lasting a few seconds or minutes although that does not have to be a part of this condition.


Trauma Caused By Someone Else

The brain will be scanned, appearing normal although you still need a Los Angeles brain injury lawyer if the trauma was caused by someone else because a TBI lawyer can help you sort out what kind of case you need to build. Moderate traumatic brain injury is 9-12 on the Glasgow Coma Scale, because the injuries result from a non-penetrating blow to the head, or having your head violently shaken by someone else, which is why you need a TBI lawyer. The loss of consciousness is a few minutes to a few hours, with confusion lasting for days and weeks. Brain damage is possible even in mild traumatic brain injury situations.

Severe Brain Injury

With a moderate or severe brain injury, there are associations with physical, cognitive, and behavioral impairments that last for months or are permanent. Severe brain injury results from a huge, major blow to the skull. Severe trauma involves an open head injury, where the skull has been crushed or fractured. Traumatic Brain Injury causes changes in thinking; the way the sufferer feels things in their body, language use, and emotions. Repeated mild TBIs could cumulate in neurological and cognitive defects such as with American football players. The brain is an organ that provides us with reason, and Traumatic Brain Injury can affect reasoning skills. Minor brain damage could cause permanent impairments in normal brain function. Brain damage does affect your quality of life, which is why you need a traumatic brain injury lawyer, in order to determine your possible settlement.

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