What can I do if the driver doesn’t have car insurance?

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If the driver doesn’t have car insurance

In the modern world of technological advancement, people have become reckless and impatient. Due to this reason, they often face accidents due to rash driving and not following traffic rules. Nowadays car accidents happen almost every day in the USA. These car accidents not only cause physical damage but also lead to economic crises of the car user. The major cause of this lack of car insurance.in this article, we will discuss the points to be kept in mind if the driver doesn’t have car insurance policy.

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  • Take car accident insurance:

The thing which can save your money when you meet any horrible car crash is car accident insurance. You must buy UIM coverage from a car insurance company. This UIM coverage provides you compensation even if the driver who has done the accident doesn’t have car insurance. This UIM coverage is a blessing in disguise for those drivers who don’t have car insurance.so all car users have to buy UIM coverage along with with car insurance to get desired compensation after any car crash.

Another thing which you must take care of is the time limit after you file for a refund from the car insurance company. Most of the firms have a deadline for filing claims after the accident took place. The majority of them have 30 days deadline within which the client must file for the refund.

  • Reporting company immediately after the accident:

The next important thing you must do if you meet any car accident and your driver doesn’t have car insurance is reporting the accident to your insurance company, and taking knowledge about the extent of insurance coverage that the company will provide. And if you have UIM it will be a boon for you in this critical condition of the car accident.

  • Filing case against the driver:

Taking the help of law is the last thing that you can do in case of car accidents done by your driver and if he doesn’t have car insurance. You can easily win the case by hiring an experienced and well-known car accident lawyer, but you may not get compensation most of the drivers are not economically stable to pay money.so keep this as the last option if the accident is done due to the horrible mistake of the driver like drink and drive etc.

So, these are some of the important steps you can take if your driver doesn’t have car insurance and you meet any car crash. Contact our Encino car accident lawyer and we will get you covered by doing all the formalities for you to keep you safe.

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