What to do after you are in a bicycle accident

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Bicycle Accident in Los Angeles

The downtown area of Los Angeles has been a hub for activity for the last several decades, but due to construction and extremely rapid growth that has made traveling on a bicycle even more dangerous than ever before. There are several possible reasons for this increase, but if you have spent any time in downtown LA in recent years than you know that there are just more cars and trucks trying to squeeze into fewer and fewer lanes. This combined with construction crews that end up having lanes closed for their work just adds to an already stressful situation. If something happens and you are injured in a bicycle accident in DTLA, you might have the option of suing and win something to help financially while you recover.

First and foremost, after your accident, you need to get to the emergency room and get checked out. If possible, get pictures of the accident scene to document everything. After you have everything documented and you have been seen by medical professionals, you should see about getting a bicycle accident lawyer Los Angeles or a bike accident attorney Los Angeles. With either of these, it normally does not cost anything for a simple consultation. The sooner you are able to get in contact with a bike accident lawyer Los Angeles or a bicycle accident law firm Encino the better.

If the accident was caused by a reckless driver, then they will be liable for your injuries. Being careless is doing things like texting or talking while driving, driving in the bike lane, drugged or drunk driving, not stopping at stop signs or red lights and so much more. Also if the driver responsible for your accident was working when everything happened, then their employer could also be liable financially. Other things that could very easily be financially liable are construction companies or landlords that were acting recklessly and even, in some cases, government authorities.

When it comes to the financial recovery of your accident, many different things can come into play. If it has been proved that the defendant or defendants are completely liable, they could be forced to pay any costs that are associated with things like medical bills that you get because of the accident including medication, hospital bills, rehabilitation, doctor bills, and anything else that is sent from a medical professional. They could also be forced to cover any loss of income or wages and the pain and suffering that you might have to deal with for the rest of your life due to this accident. The defendant could possibly even have to pay for the damage to things like your bike and anything else that was damaged.

If you have been injured in an accident in Los Angeles and you don’t know what to do next, contact our personal injury lawyer Encino at The Farias Firm, PC on (818) 222-2222.


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