Who Can File a Wrongful Death Suit?

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit

When in case any of your loved ones dies due to another person negligent, or because of the reckless behavior of another person then the family of the victim can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the opposite party. With the help of this lawsuit, you can collect monetary compensation from the party.

In reality, the wrongful death lawsuit is the action of the civil court that thoroughly reads the whole case and offer the number of damages to the victim’s family members. In this case, the perpetrator of wrongful killing can go to jail if you hire a wrongful death lawyer in Encino.

Now, read about on what grounds you can file the wrongful lawsuit against the other party: –

The civil court asks for the grounds based on which you are filling the wrongful lawsuit means they need legally supported reason for the claim. With the help of a wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles, you have to show two things to the civil court.

Show Two Things to the Civil CourtWrongful Death Lawsuit With the Expertise of an Attorney

They are: –

  • They have to show proof of loved one’s death which is helpful due to another individual negligence or any deliberate act
  • The victim family must show that they have faced severe damages because of their loved one’s death

 Additionally, there are various grounds on which you can file a wrongful death lawsuit that is because of an automobile accident, accident at work, due to medical malpractice, or any other unlawful act.

This wrongful death lawsuit can be filed by some of the members of the victim like, spouses, children who are living in any of the states. Whereas, grandparents and the siblings can file the case on behalf of the victim who is residing in some selected countries. 

Filing the case for a wrongful lawsuit

On the other hand, before filing the case for a wrongful lawsuit, the victim’s family has to collect some damages. It is because they can show them to wrongful lawsuit lawyer in Los Angeles to make the case reliable. 

These can be: –

  1. Various medical bills and other burial expenses.
  2. The damages called compensatory for the pain and the sufferings family have to face due to death.
  3. Punitive damages so that the other party will get punished and discouraging this behavior in the future.
  4. Various compensatory damages

Contact Farías Accident Injury Lawyer For Help:

Regards to this, every state has its laws to file the case of a wrongful lawsuit. But typically, one year is the maximum period to file a claim against the party. Contact our Encino Personal injury lawyer at 818-222-2222.


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