5 Interesting Facts About Car Accidents In Encino, CA

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Five Bone-Chilling Facts About Car Accidents Every Driver Should Be Aware Of

Sarah has been feeling very “ill” all day. She does not know what is going on. She knows something is wrong and cannot quite put her finger on it. Did you ever feel that way?

The phone rings and the conversation verifies her worst fears. She was hoping for the best, but her worst suspicions have been confirmed.

You hear about those things happening on TV and in movies, but, rarely, does anyone admit to it. Almost every car accident lawyer knows and understands that feeling. Some Encino car accident lawyers have gone on record as being the one to make that call. It is not a fun thing to do.

At least 90% of the population will be in a car accident or be a witness to someone in an accident, at some point in their lives. We spoke with at least three car accident lawyers, and here is what they had to say.

1) It does not matter whether there are two people involved or more, a car accident affects everyone in the community. As of 2010, the Highway Traffic Association put together a total for car accidents. Our country has faced more than $1 trillion in damages due to someone’s negligence.

One accident can tear apart one or more communities, according to a car accident lawyer employs in Orange County.

2) 2015 became the deadliest year for car accidents, and that was four years ago, according to another car accident lawyer employs in Orange County.

3) According to a third car accident attorney employs, the first thing you do is call the police for police reports. Your instinct might be to call the car accident attorney offers on speed dial, but the police should be your first call.

The police will make a note of everything you tell them happened. The next call should be to your lawyer if you can afford one. According to the lawyers we spoke with, at least ten million accidents do not get reported.

One or both parties could be scared of the implications. Some feel they can handle everything without getting the lawyers or cops involved. That is a huge mistake because you will not get compensated fairly.

4) Speed is one of the top causes of accidents, according to a report dating back to 2016. Drivers get reckless and sloppy behind the wheel for one reason or another. Speed continues to be one of the top reasons for car accidents as we near the end of 2019.

5) The silver lining to these statistics is that car manufacturers are streamlining cars to reduce the fatalities. That is also great news for cops and lawyers. The fewer accidents, the less time and money they need to spend arguing over who caused it and why.

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