Could Changes in Traffic Signals Decrease Pedestrian Accidents In Encino?

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Traffic Signals Decrease Pedestrian Accidents

When it comes to pedestrians crossing a road, or any intersection there are many situations in which the pedestrian could become injured due to traffic and traffic signals. The most common would be when drivers are making a left-hand turn.

According to pedestrian accident statistics,  Drivers are often more focused on the other vehicles around them, and the traffic lights to really notice the pedestrians attempting to cross the road. There are also other factors at play that could prevent a driver from seeing crossing pedestrians. Such as other vehicles driving along the road, trees, and/or bushes on street corners.

There are more than a few different ways that the situation could be made safer for both pedestrians and vehicle drivers. However, the safest way would lengthen the wait time on the traffic lights. By making it where vehicles are not allowed to make any left-hand turns unless the green arrow is on, or there is a traffic signal for pedestrians to cross while vehicles are not moving. This could potentially greatly decrease pedestrian accidents, although as stated before would make wait times at traffic lights much longer for the drivers.

In 2018 there was a sum of 6,227 passerby passing, as indicated, in the U.S.A. person on foot and vehicle well being is a consolidated duty. Both sides need to share the roads safely.

Here are a few pedestrian tips to help them stay safe.Traffic Signals Decrease Pedestrian Accidents In Los Angeles

Follow designated traffic laws:

  • Use sidewalks when available
  • If no sidewalk is available, walk facing traffic in the grass
  • Stay alert, do not be distracted by electronics
  • Use crosswalks and intersections as often as possible
  • Do not think the driver has or does see you
  • always be visible with bright and reflective materials
  • Keep eyes open for drivers leaving driveways and/or parking lots
  • Drink and drive is prohibited and everyone should avoid it at any cost

These are just a few ideas and examples of what pedestrians could do to stay safe and reduce accidents. It could happen with anyone that they got hit in an accident and it was not their fault. In such conditions, contacting our pedestrian accident lawyer Los Angeles makes more sense as it will save you a lot of time and money.

Here are a few pedestrian safety tips for drivers:

  • Always look for pedestrians at all times
  • Try using more than extra caution when driving in hard to see the condition, or at night
  • Slow down and prepare to stop when trying to turn or going through a crosswalk
  • Do not ever drive under drug or alcohol influence
  • Follow all school safety zone laws
  • Follow the speed limit, especially when pedestrians are out walking

These are some good, but common measures both pedestrians and drivers alike could make to ensure that pedestrians stay safe while out on the streets.

In closing, the safety on the road is shared by all. It should be taken very seriously, and should always come first. Ultimately though, changes in traffic signals could potentially decrease pedestrian accidents, only if both drivers and pedestrians followed the laws and lights if changed.

We can say that — Definitely changing the traffic signals’ operational patterns could decrease pedestrian accidents to a significant level. And in case, you need to deal with any accident case, visit our Pedestrian accident attorney Encino site and get quick assistance.

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