What Should I Do If I Am Bitten by a Dog?

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If You Are Bitten By A Dog

A dog is man’s best friend until it bites you. Each year, plenty of people get attacked by dogs and get injured severely. If you’re the unfortunate one or anybody else got bitten by a dog, and you can help – please follow this article to know what you should do in the situation. And, in case you’re in Los Angeles and seeking legal help regarding a dog bite, we are the leading dog bite lawyer Los Angeles – you can contact us to discuss your case. Now, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

1. Stay as calm as possibleBitten by a Dog

Dogs usually attack people when they are afraid or sensing some danger from a person. So, if a dog bites you for whatever reason, it’s crucial to stay calm and not show excessive panic, fear, or aggression towards that dog. Otherwise, it can get further aggressive and attack again. Try not to react at all, and try to act defensively.

2. Seek medical help immediately

First of all, no matter how severe the injury is, dog bite should be treated as early as possible as there’s always a chance of getting infected by deadly bacteria. But before that, depending on the type of your wound, you can take some measures on the spot before you reach to your nearest hospital.

  • Put gentle pressure on the wound. It will help to clear most of the bacteria with blood and fluid secretion from the wounded area.
  • Use an antibacterial soap and clean water to wash the wounded spot thoroughly. You can use regular non-flavored soap as well.
  • After washing, you can apply antibiotic and antiseptic lotion on the wound
  • Get a sterilized bandage to stop bleeding.
  • It’s important to keep an eye on the wounded area for dog bite symptoms like redness, swelling, etc., as those will point to an infection. In that case, seek clinical help as early as possible.

3. Information is the key

While it’s vital to get yourself treated first, you should not forget to collect as much information as you possibly can in that situation – this is the very first dog bite legal advice any attorney would give you. The vital information which you should look for are the following –

  • Owner’s details, such as name, address, and phone number.
  • Details about the dog, like its breed, physical stats, microchip details (if any), and history of its immunization. Ask the owner for a printed copy of the vaccination record, if available.
  • Additional related details like if the dog has a history of aggression if the owner was present at the spot and whether he or she tried to control the dog and ask the neighbors about the dog to find out if it has a history of aggression.
  • Take some photos of your wound, the dog, spot, and the surroundings. See if any other people witnessed the event, and ask him/her contact information.

Once you’re treated well and feeling fine, you should contact a specialized lawyer firm. We are the top dog bite attorney Encino, and we know how to win a dog bite case. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation to find out if your case has any merit.

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