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Unfortunately, our lives are filled with twists and turn that we just cannot foresee or expect to happen, and some of those twists and turns include accidents that can happen at any place and at any time. Considering the fact that we spend most of our adult lives at work, this means that we are very prone to experiencing accidents in the workplace. If you do happen to experience an accident while you are at work, perhaps the best thing that can come of the situation is the fact that if you get hurt at work you are entitled to receive worker’s compensation that will cover these injuries. Unfortunately, many employers try to save themselves money and deny benefits to people who deserve them. It this happens it is important to hurt yourself a Los Angeles workers compensation lawyer that can fight for your benefits and get you the compensation that you are owed. Below are a few things that a workers compensation attorney in Los Angeles can do for you.

Workers compensation lawyer in Los Angeles will fight for your rights

These firms that represent worker’s compensation cases are trained and experienced in handling cases where workers have been injured while they were at their place of employment. They work to make sure you get the money and the medical help that is owed to you by the company you work for.

If you get hurt at work, it is vital that you go to a Los Angeles workers compensation attorney and hire them first thing so that they can be involved with your case from the very beginning and make sure that you are put in a position where you get what you are owed and have a successful case.

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Los Angeles Workers compensation attorneys know every letter of the law

If you have been in a stressful situation where you are not only injured but are being given the run-around by your employer, then you have probably experienced first hand just how difficult and complex a worker’s compensation case can be. An experienced Los Angeles workers compensation lawyer can help you work through the details of your worker’s compensation case and make sure that you get the money you are owed should the injury you sustained while on the job has kept you from being able to go back to work. Hiring an experienced Los Angeles workers compensation attorney will make sure you and your loved ones get the money you are entitled to receive without any added stress on your shoulders.

What the law says about the compensation you are entitled too

Our laws state that anyone who is injured in the workplace while on the clock and then has medical bills to pay for or is rendered unable to work after the accident is owed financial compensation to cover any medical expenses that they may incur and to help take care of bills while they are unable to work due to the injury.

Complex filing systems that they help you navigate

There are several types of benefits that the worker’s compensation laws cover and guarantee to you if you get hurt in the workplace. Filing for these benefits can be incredibly complex, so below are the benefits that Los Angeles workers compensation lawyers can help you file.

medical expenses: they will help you file for benefits like hospital bills, doctor bills and follow-up visits, medical tests, surgeries, x-rays, and any other medical treatment or imaging option that had to be used to help you,

short-term or temporary disability:

Many people who get hurt in the workplace are not able or allowed to go back to work immediately and have to take some time off to get all the way better meaning that they cannot go back to work immediately. A workers compensation attorney in Los Angeles can help you file for temporary disability if you need to take time off for medical reasons but that time will not exceed a time span of 104 weeks. During this time you will be given temporary benefits that will help you survive each day and have one less thing on your plate that you need to stress about.


full or permanent disability:

Some people may need more than 104 weeks total taken away from work in order to fully recover from the accident you had at your job and be back to normal physically, emotionally, and mentally. If this is the case and you have had a doctor tell you that it will take some time to heal from the full extent of your injury, then a worker’s compensation lawyer will help you file for permanent disability and get benefits for the rest of your life based off the extent of your injury/injuries.

Reaching out to a skilled legal team could be the difference in getting the full benefits that you are owed without any extra hassle or headaches and not getting any benefits given to you at all. If you sustain any injuries in the workplace make sure to contact a worker’s compensation attorney immediately.

Whether you work in the industrial sector or hold down a desk job, you have the right to receive medical coverage and other benefits if you have been injured while performing your job duties. Your employer should be able to provide you with the financial assistance you need through his or her worker’s compensation insurance program. Be sure to file a worker’s compensation claim with your employer and consult with a Los Angeles workers compensation attorney right away to get started on the road to recovery.

As an injured worker, the amount of benefits you are entitled to through workers compensation depends on the extent of your injuries. While you are recovering, you may receive payments until you are able to return to work. If you’ve sustained a long-term or permanent injury, you may qualify for long-term financial assistance or a program that serves to reintegrate you back into the job market.

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