How to handle a Slip and Fall Accident

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Don’t Just Brush off a Slip and Fall Injury: Call a Lawyer

Slip and fall accidents can be seemingly minor incidents that result in legal messes. When someone sustains a slip and fall injury there are very specific laws in play regarding how the slip and fall injury is treated. Depending on the cause of the slip and fall and type of location there are parties that can and should be held responsible for the injury. There are also state laws that determine how long someone can wait before filing legal claims regarding the fall. This can be a lot of detail and legality involved in a split second incident. Many times falling can be embarrassing and you may want to get up brush yourself on and carry on as if you didn’t just fall; however, the injuries can be serious and set you back in ways that someone should be responsible for. So before you try to move on like the slip and fall did not happen stop and think about what you should do next to protect yourself. Contact our Encino personal injury lawyers for more help in your slip and fall injury.

Take Pictures of the SceneSlip and Fall accident lawyer

Slip and fall injuries typically occur on private property, in-store or not your own, and are caused by some form of neglect. The area may have been wet and slippery, winter ice has frozen over your path, a railing is broken, or root has overgrown and tripped you. These types of hazards that cause your fall were someone’s responsibility to either remove or warn you about. it is important to take pictures of whatever caused your fall so that you ever was responsible does not fix or remove the hazard and claim there was no cause to your fall.

Seek Medical Attention

If you have slipped and fallen you may have sustained an injury and do not know the severity immediately. An injury from a fall may present itself later when the embarrassment of adrenaline fades. In order to prove the cause of the injury, you need to seek medical attention as soon as you can.

Contact a Los Angeles Slip and Fall Lawyer

There are legal time limits regarding how long you can wait to report slip and fall injuries. You would not take medical advice from someone that does not practice medicine so you should not base your decision to file a claim on advisement from any other source than a slip and fall lawyer. An injury caused by a hazard causing you to fall should not be taken lightly and someone should be held accountable. You do not want to wait until your injuries hurt you and cause you to miss work only to find out that because you had no legal advise you no longer can be compensated. Our Encino Slip and Fall lawyer at The Farias Firm, PC can help call us at (818) 222-2222.


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