What To Do If a Dog Bites Someone on Your Property?

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Dog Bites Someone on Your Property

With an estimated 2.6 million or more dog and cat owners in Los Angeles county, you likely own a pet. You might own a dog for companionship or protection against intruders but whatever the reason is you surely love your dog. However, what happens when your beloved pooch bites a visitor, delivery person, or even a trespasser? Here are some steps that might have you searching for a Encino dog bite lawyer.

Premises Liability

This is the first point to consider if your dog bites someone on your property. When someone enters your property they reasonably expect that they won’t be injured. Also known as “standard of care” and it means that the owner or renter of the property must maintain a safe environment for those who enter the property. You can protect yourself by ensuring that your pet is secured either in a suitable crate, separate room, or in a fenced-in yard when guests come over. If you choose to have your dog in a fenced-in yard or crate it is important that you maintain the safety of these devices and make sure there is no way for your dog to get out without your say so. Additionally, you can put up signs that warn of the potential for dog bites on your property.

Who Got Bit?

This can be an important question when considering whether or not to contact a Los Angeles dog bite attorney. As mentioned above, if the person is an invited guest then you owe them a certain standard of safety that includes properly restraining your dog. However, what if the dog bite victim was not invited onto your property? The answer to this question depends on which state you live in as some states allow trespassers who were bitten by your dog to sue you. California dog bite law states that the dog owner is only liable for damages if they were bitten in a public place or were lawfully in a private place. If someone who was lawfully on your property has been bitten by your dog you should contact a Los Angeles dog attorney.

Dog Bites Someone on Your Property

Previous Bites

If your dog has bitten someone in the past you should be aware that it can be declared dangerous by law and it bites someone again you can be held strictly liable for the victim’s damages. To protect yourself, in this case, it is important to install signs on your property that are highly visible stating that visitors should beware of your dog.

Who Has to Pay the Bill?

If you own a dog, even if you don’t think it will bite someone, you should purchase homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. When purchasing insurance, make sure that they are aware of any dogs that you own. In most cases, your insurance policy will cover the cost if you are sued due to your dog biting someone on your property. There are also pet insurance policies that are available for purchase that would cover the cost if you were to be sued. If you have neither of these coverages in place then you personally will be held responsible if you lose a lawsuit against someone who was injured by your dog.

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