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If someone you know, love, or are related too has died due to something that was out of their hands and completely not their fault, then you as a family member who has survived them could very well be entitled to get full compensation to help cope with the loss of that person you loved. This compensation can help tide you over and pay for the unexpected costs that come with things like medical bills and funeral expenses that happened due to their untimely death. If a loved family member of your suffered from wrongful death, then you should make it a point to contact a our lawyer in Los Angeles as soon as possible. A Los Angeles wrongful death attorney understands what type of difficult time you are going through and have the experience you need to help you navigate the complicated legal world in order to help in a wrongful death lawsuit and get the compensation that is owed to you.


How Do You Know If Your Loved One Died From a Wrongful Death in Los Angeles

It can be difficult to know whether or not your loved one or family member died from a wrongful death in Los Angeles. Calling or going to talk to a wrongful death lawyer in Los Angeles can help you navigate that world. They will be able to tell you if the accident that your loved one died in a wrongful death accident or not and they also help to file a wrongful death lawsuit against hospitals. Their death is considered a wrongful death if it happened when they were involved in an accident that was completely not their fault or if a wrongful act was committed upon them if they experienced a form of neglect that ended up killing them or anything else that was committed by another party that caused the death of a loved one.

Common Cases That Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorneys Take On

There are many deaths that occur every single day that are considered wrongful deaths because they happened at the hand of someone else and were completely unnecessary deaths. Some of the most common types of wrongful death cases that a wrongful death attorney Los Angeles will handle are those like car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck and/or 18-wheeler accidents, accidents caused by drunk drivers, gas explosions in homes or offices, death of an infant or child, medical malpractice, an accident that happened while at work, or product liability. If anyone of these things happened to the person you love, you should get to an attorney in Los Angeles immediately and have them help you begin the process of filing a claim and getting the compensation you are owed as their family member.

What Do You Do After Accident Occurs in Los Angeles

The first thing you need to do after an accident happens in Los Angeles is to call the emergency services such as the police, fire department, and ambulance. With any luck they will get to the scene of the accident before anyone dies and prevent it from happening, however, if they are too late they will at the very least be able to be at the scene and be a witness to your case when you start the process of filing a claim. And also contact a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney for filing a claim.


Find The Documentation For The Incident In Los Angeles, CA

The next step you need to do in order to build a strong case is any documentation that there may have been about the accident. This documentation could include pictures of the scene where the accident happened and all the receipts or bills that you may have gotten as a result of the accident. A paper trail will help you prove that the death that occurred was not the fault of your family member or loved one which will, in turn, mean you can win your case and get your compensation back to you as soon as you can. Our wrongful death attorney Los Angeles help to get your compensation back.

What is considered a “wrongful death lawsuit?”

There are four key elements involved in wrongful death as defined by law. Surviving members submitting a claim or filing a lawsuit must prove each element to win a case for financial recompense. The four key elements include:

Negligence – The surviving members or their legal representatives must prove the death of their loved one was caused (in part or in whole) by the recklessness, carelessness, or negligent actions of the defending party.

Breach of Duty – To be successful in the case, it must be proved that the defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit owed a duty to the deceased victim. For example, a motorist maintains a duty to drive safely, and follow and obey every traffic law. Doctors and medical health providers have the duty to maintain a patient’s health. It is up to the plaintiff to establish how the defendant’s duty existed, and that the duty was breached through their negligent actions.

Causation – In addition to proving how the duty of the defendant was breached toward the deceased, the lawsuit plaintiff must also prove how the defendant’s negligence caused their loved one’s death.

Damages – The death of the victim must have generated quantifiable damages such as hospitalization, medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, loss of income and potential earnings, loss of protection, guidance and inheritance along with the pain and suffering of the victim prior to death.

California law also limits the amount of time to file a lawsuit. While the general statute allows up to two years, this can be shorter in medical malpractice cases and other special circumstances.

Gather Up All The Elements Of The Death Before Making a Claim

Before you and your Los Angeles lawyer file your case and go to court to try and win it, you need to have all of the proof and elements of the case in one place so that you can prove the other party was at fault and win the compensation you are owed. The elements that your Los Angeles wrongful death attorney will help you gather will be:

  • The duty of care
  • The breach of duty of care
  • The causation (in other words which party caused the accident)
  • And the damages that happened as a result of the accident

In order for you to file a wrongful death claim in Los Angeles, you will need to hire a good lawyer in Los Angeles who specializes in this type of law as it can be very complicated and hard to follow. The Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer will help identify who can file a claim, how you will go about winning the case, and who will be authorized to receive the compensation once the case is won.

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