Causes of Bicycle Accidents In Encino

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Causes of Bicycle Accidents

With the equivalency to automobiles, bicycles are treated under the law with exceptions. There were previous issues that made an impact on society where they are expected to share the same road as motor vehicles. As it became a separate means for transportation, bicycles, and motor vehicles have their own different advantages. As cyclists, it’s very hard to keep up with motor vehicles. For instance, they will not be able to accelerate or even turn quickly like automobile drivers.

There is a huge difference in the sizes as well. So, therefore the protection is still relatively different. In different areas, cities have made it a priority to ensuring there are designated lanes specifically for bike riders. Especially where there is a lot of heavy traffic. However, there are still risks involved with being a cyclist. There are still a number of accidents happening around the Los Angeles area. If you don’t know what to do after a bicycle accident in Los Angeles so, our Encino bicycle accident lawyer can help.

List of the causes of bicycle accidentsBicycle Accident Lawsuit

  • Faulty chains
  • Defective bike helmets
  • Aggressive driving
  • Car door opening close enough to hit the cyclists
  • Malfunctions of the motor vehicle brakes or bike brakes
  • Any highway construction
  • Drivers failing to yield

Above is a list of the causes of bicycle accidents. Individuals that are involved in a bicycle accident in Los Angeles is entitled to taking legal action. This legal action is against the person who was negligent enough to where an accident occurred. Los Angeles has the best bicycle accident lawyers you can find that specialize in getting their clients compensated. Below is a list of what court appeal conclusions look like.

Things to think about when making decisions as to who’s at fault.

  • Was the cyclist able to foresee the doors of the motor vehicle when they were riding by?
  • Cyclists have a duty to ensure their own safety when it comes to riding a bike. Being alert is one.
  • If cyclists are in the right of way, cyclists have no reason to stop their bicycles.
  • Was the cyclist distracted before the incident?

It is not the actual intention to cause damage or harm to anyone or their property. Some bicycle accidents actually happen by mistake, where others occur by intent due to negligence. However, all users of the road have a responsibility and it is their duty to not only protect themselves but others as well. Cyclists share the road with motor vehicles in their own designated area. Motor vehicles in Los Angeles, CA should refrain from entering the cyclist’s areas. And cyclists should always be alert when riding within their lanes. More damage can be done to cyclists than the driver due to the size. There are higher degrees in caring for a bike hit than a bike rider hitting a motor vehicle.

It is the responsibility of the Los Angeles bicycle accident attorneys to ensure they investigate the accident from start to finish and do an analysis of your bicycle accident case funding. They will be able to help the cyclist identify the factors of the accident. Injured cyclists in the Los Angeles area should go to and in the search field type bicycle accident lawyer Los Angeles.

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