What are the current seat belt laws in California?

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Review seat belt laws

Your injury attorney in Los Angeles wants you to know how to properly use a seat belt. Consequently, if you are involved in an accident in your Encino car accident lawyer will need to review this information as it can affect your case.

Basic Information About Seat Belt Law

Any injury attorney in Los Angeles will tell you that not using a seat belt will result in a ticket. It doesn’t matter if you are going around the block or across town. Your lawyer also explains about California seat belt law for more help.

The passengers are also scrutinized. For instance, everyone in the car over 16 that is not wearing a seat belt will get a ticket. Your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer says, therefore, it is in everyone’s best interest to check the passengers before driving.

Also, be aware that children have additional restrictions. The best personal injury law firm in Los Angeles asks that you make sure you understand them before allowing young children in your vehicle.

Seat belt wear and tearseat belt laws

The condition of your seat belts needs to be considered. After an accident, your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will want to know their condition. As such, you should make sure they are working properly. There should be no rips, tattered ends, missing or broken pieces. Repairs should be made when needed and properly documented in the case of malfunction. This information can then be handed over to your Los Angeles personal injury firm.

Child Restraints

As parents, it can be easy to get in a hurry and take certain things for granted. However, your Los Angeles personal injury firm recommends that child restraints should always make you pause and think twice.

  • Infants who are under one year old and toddlers under 20 pounds should be placed in a rear-facing safety seat.
  • It is easy to forget or be lax on restraints as the child ages. However, keep in mind that if the child is 8 years old or younger a booster seat should be provided.
  • Any child 4 feet 9 inches or less should also be riding in a booster seat. Younger children who are taller may use regular seat belts.

Passenger-side airbags

Children should not ride in the front seat when passenger-side airbags are present. The Los Angeles CA personal injury lawyer notes that this applies to children under 1-year-old, weighing less than 20 pounds and in rear-facing restraint systems.

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