What to do when I involve in Motorcycle accident Without a Motorcycle License

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What to do when I get involved in Motorcycle accident Without a Motorcycle License

The point of a driver’s license is to prove your eligibility and responsibility in driving. Coupled with an adequate insurance policy to protect you from loss due to accidents and injuries, you are all set to hit the road. Most cars, trucks, and similar vehicles require a valid Class C category license to drive. However, in order to drive a motorcycle, you need a special form of the license which varies from one state to another. Take the help of a Encino motorcycle accident attorney to learn more about it.

Motorists Out On The Road Without a License In Los Angeles

There are times when motorists take their motorcycles out on the road without a license. When motorcycle accidents happen, and you were to be blamed for the accident, not having a driver’s license will not free you from legal obligations. However, it is also important to note that when the other party is at fault, even without proper identification card and insurance policy in place, you may be entitled to compensation that you deserve. All these can happen only with the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer Los Angeles.

Involved in a Motorcycle Accident In Los Angeles

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident and were driving without a license, it is easy for the other party to point fingers at you even though it is not your fault. On the flip side, with legal assistance from the right motorcycle accident lawyer Los Angeles, you can win the case. In order to prove the other party’s mistake, you need to present sufficient evidence when requested. This evidence includes but not limited to evidence of speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, running a stop or red light, and so on. Your evidence should be in the form of traffic videos of the other party speeding, clear photographs of the accident scene, testimony from the witness around, the police report of the accident, proof that the other driver was under the influence of alcohol or other substances or proof that the other driver was distracted while driving. If you are able to prove the fault at the court of law, you will be able to recoup all losses incurred as a result of the mishap, including medical bills, property loss, lost wage, pain, and suffering.

It is illegal to drive without a license In Los Angeles

While it is illegal to drive without a license in any state even if the vehicle is a motorcycle, your lawyer can help you avoid prosecution. A good motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles should be able to prepare you for any legal action. Most states have a hefty fine for not carrying a license. For example, in California, driving a motorcycle without a proper license is considered a misdemeanor and subjected to a fine of up to $1,000 along with six months in jail. Additionally, the law enforcement officer may confiscate your vehicle, which will require running from pillar to post in order to recover that vehicle. Without a reliable lawyer at the help, it is almost impossible to get out the situation scot-free.

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