How Are Medical Bills Paid After A Car Accident?

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Car accidents in Los Angeles are a very stressful thing, and they often leave us with several questions. This is especially true when we become victims of an auto accident injury in Los Angeles. One of the most concerning questions is how medical bills will be paid.

It may be tempting to take matters into our own hands, but dealing with the many obstacles that come about when we experience a Los Angeles auto accident injury is extremely stressful and better resolved by seeking the help of an experienced professional. An auto accident lawyer has the tools and knowledge to assist in reducing the burdens most experience throughout the recovery of your medical bills.

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Encino car accident lawyer is an acting representative for the victim in an auto accident, and they can take on the responsibility of making sure that medical bills are settled without the burden being placed on the victim. This includes determining what options are available based on insurance laws and policies. Once a victim has recovered, an auto accident attorney will be able to determine what is needed to settle these medical bills.

In the meantime, the lawyer can help by utilizing benefits in an insurance policy or alternative options that will help reduce out-of-pocket expenses. This way the injured victim can focus on recovering completely. Here is a breakdown of these options:

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

A car accident lawyer will be able to determine if PIP is required in an auto insurance policy based on the state in which the victim resides. The insurance company will be able to pay for required medical procedures and various expenses related to a person’s injury. Some of these expenses include lost wages for any missed work, hospitalization, ongoing treatments, and certain home care expenses. PIP is not to be mistaken with bodily injury liability as this is something that covers the party who is not at fault in an at-fault state. PIP coverage is available for a person regardless of being at fault or not.

Health  Insurance

Where PIP is not available or if its limits are reached, a person can claim private health insurance. A car accident attorney can advise on how an individual may access payment for medical bills through the person’s health insurance provider. This can significantly reduce any out-of-pocket medical expenses accrued while recovering from an auto accident injury.

Alternative Options

When these above options are either unavailable or exhausted, a car accident attorney may recommend a couple of other ways that may help cover medical expenses. If a person qualifies, then Medicaid or Medicare may be able to cover expenses related to an auto accident.

Attorney liens may also be an option if a medical facility providing treatment for the injured agrees to allow the attorney representing the patient to sign a document that states that medical expenses will be the priority covered by a settlement. This will allow the person to continue to receive the needed treatment while having peace of mind that there won’t be any bills or collection calls.

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