Sue Uber for Car Accident in Encino

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Sue Uber for Car Accident

When it comes to ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft they are currently used all over the United States and globally. You can find them prominently in big cities such as New York, Chicago,  Dallas, and Los Angeles. This article is going to highlight Uber and Lyft usage in the Los Angeles area. There are lawyers that specifically specialize in protecting clients who are in an Uber accident and these lawyers are known as a Los Angeles Uber accident lawyer. If you are in a ride-sharing accident with an Uber driver you can also obtain a Encino car accident lawyer.

sue uber for accident in Los Angeles

Talk To a Uber Accident Lawyer For Legal Help

The reason why you would need an attorney is that it will be difficult to sue a ride-sharing company since the driver is an independent contractor. It will take a lawyer to decipher who is liable for what. An example of an incident is back in 2014 when an Uber driver hit a 6-year-old and Uber denied any liability for this tragic incident. Many personal injury attorneys agree that it can be difficult trying to hold a company accountable for the actions of an independent contractor. It is much easier when the individual is employed directly by the company to hold the company accountable. Although it is difficult to sue a ride-sharing company there is always a possibility that it can be done with a specialized attorney and depending on the state you are in and their laws. Take the help of experienced lawyers in Los Angeles for lyft accident settlement.

The Step To Take If You are In An Accident In Los Angeles Or Any State

If you are in an Uber or Lyft accident the first thing that you should do immediately after the crash is to call 911 and then take pictures of the crash. This goes for if you are the Lyft or Uber driver or passenger. If you are the passenger of the Uber or Lyft the next step that you would take would be to write down the addresses, phone numbers, and full names of all parties involved. If the Lyft or Uber driver’s full name is not on your phone you should write down their full name as well. The next step to take as a passenger is to take a screenshot of your Uber or Lyft receipt on your phone. If you retained any type of injury from the accident hire a lawyer immediately. If the accident occurs and the rideshare driver is at fault then the passengers will be covered under Uber or Lyft liability insurance policy which is 1 million dollars.  Unfortunately, if the passenger is going to sue they can only sue the at-fault driver. 

Contact Our Experienced Lawyers at Farias Firm, PC:

If you are in an Uber or Lyft accident in the city of Los Angeles you will definitely need a Encino uber accident lawyer and one of the best firms in Los Angeles to obtain one is the Farias Firm.  If you want to sue uber for a car accident contact our Encino personal injury lawyers at Farias Firm, PC at 818-222-2222 for legal representation for your case.


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