Common Cause of a Crash Between a Car and a Motorcycle

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Crash Between a Car and a Motorcycle in Los Angeles, CA

One of American’s favorite past time is riding a motorcycle. Most of the time, the afternoon or evening is the deadliest time when the accidents between cars and motorcycles happen. According to the latest report, every year, over 5,000 individuals die because of motorcycle crashes. And these accidents are much fatal than any other collisions.

If you talk about car and motorcycle accidents, their numbers are also very high in America. When both cars and bikes are riding on the same road, there are high chances to see each other, and this is the time when accidents occur. So, if in case you met with an accident due to another person reckless, you can contact a Encino car accident lawyer.

Now, let’s discuss the common causes of car and motorcycle crashes: –

  • Due to the negligence of the driverCrash Between a Car and a Motorcycle

This is one of the most common causes of accidents. When both the drivers don’t pay attention to driving, then it places everyone in the line of risk, especially motorcyclists.

  • Due to blind spots

Apart from the many sides and rearview, there are ample of blind spots that surround the car. This means around the perimeter of 40 car has blind spots by which it becomes difficult for the motorcycle driver to change the lane. 

When the driver changes the land without signal and in which motorcycle will get time to react.

  • Left turning cars

When the cars are turning left, it becomes the serious cause of accidents between both. Due to this reason, maximum accidents occur every year. This happens when the driver fails to judge the speed of the motorcycle and drivers turn the car to the left.

These types of accidents happen with regular cars, and on the other hand, motorcyclists have little protection. 

  • A car driver opens their door

Well, you are just sitting on the bike and driver of car or passenger opens the door to the right side. You try to scout, but due to traffic, you crashed into the car. Believe that this scenario happens a lot of man times. 

Contact Our Experienced Lawyers at Farías Accident Injury Lawyer

The accidents of the motorcycle because of another person, negligence is a matter of concern that needs legal action.  So, to get the right compensation, you can hire a Encino personal injury lawyer. They will handle your case incorrectly so that your damages can be recovered with the amount.


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