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Semi-truck and tractor-trailers cause many accidents in California every day. Because these vehicles are so large, typically weighing as much as 30 times more than a car, a collision with a truck can have devastating consequences. The driver and or passenger(s) of the automobile always fare worse. These vehicles are also hard to drive and maneuver. Truckers must exercise reasonable care not to injure others while rolling down the highway.

What Causes Truck Accidents in Los Angeles?

Truck accidents do not only happen due to a negligent driver. Here are a few things that may cause an accident with a semi-truck:

Cause Of Truck Accidents

Finding A Truck Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a truck accident lawyer Los Angeles, then there are some things that you should keep in mind. Here are a few reasons why finding a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer is important and how you can do it to your satisfaction.


There are many hundreds of accidents in Los Angeles every year that involve big trucks where someone dies. There are thousands more that result in injuries. Most accidents, in general, come from human error. If you were involved in an accident that occurs due to the negligence of the other driver, then you need a truck accident attorneys in Los Angeles.

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Semi-Truck Accident Injuries That Could Give You Compensation

Just about any kind of injury could net you compensation, assuming you go with the right Encino truck accident lawyers. For example, if you have whiplash, that could get you compensation. If you knock your head and suffer a concussion or other kind of injury due to the accident, that could net you compensation.

Any kind of cut or bruise could be enough for a lawsuit. This is classified as an “external injury” and it’s anything that’s obvious to people from the outside. You could also suffer damage to your limbs such as crushing your hand or leg. You could end up with something that causes you to have your arm or leg removed entirely, for example. This is certainly a situation in which you could end up with compensation. You might break a bone, tear a ligament or muscle, and so on. Anything related to this could net you money to compensate you for it. Our Los Angeles truck accident attorney helps you to get the right compensation.

Other injuries might include something really serious like damaging your organs. These types of injuries could be life-threatening, and they may have an impact on you for the rest of your days. It’s not only a good idea to get compensation for these kinds of injuries, but it’s also the right thing to do since it will help deter others from being careless with their truck. For more help contact our Los Angeles truck accident lawyer.

Determining Blame in Los Angeles Semi-Truck Accident

Once you are relatively sure that you have an injury that qualifies, it’s time to contact a Los Angeles truck accident attorneys to confirm it. At this point, you have to get the Los Angeles truck accident lawyer to help you make the case that someone was negligent in order to know who to target to get paid.

For example, it’s common for the fault to lie with the driver. Truck drivers often work 15 hours a day or more, driving in a straight line. It’s common for them to fall asleep and cause the accident that hurt you. Sometimes they might have been going too fast or failed to be careful enough about hazards on the road. Maybe they were drunk or otherwise altered by some kind of drug. It’s often the case that truck drivers take medication, even illegally, to stay awake.

Another commonplace this comes from is the company itself. Maybe they failed to provide the proper instruction to truck drivers. Maybe they made a mistake with maintaining the vehicle which is why the wheels or brake failed. Maybe they allowed truck drivers to drive past the federal maximum amount of hours a driver is allowed to take and drive within a 24 hour period.

Other potential issues could be that the manufacturer of the truck itself made a mistake and a part failure there led to the accident. It could also be that the people loading the cargo into the truck loaded it incorrectly.


Get Compensation With The Help Of Our Los Angeles Semi Truck Accident Attorney

A truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles can help you determine all of these factors and then turn that information into money that you can put in the bank to compensate you for your pain and suffering as well as any other losses that you incurred.

You only have a narrow time window after incurring the injury to act. That’s why it’s critical to go to a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer immediately so they can get started evaluating and then making your claim. The lawyer you choose will draft a letter to the insurance company that covered the truck and then you’ll be on your way. However, it’s important to make sure that the truck accident attorney you choose is the one that you trust. For example, it helps if you get a free review of your case by just calling the number the Los Angeles semi-truck accident lawyer provides.

That way it can be determined whether everything is a good fit right away.

Contact Our Truck Accident Attorney In Los Angeles

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Read FAQS for Truck Accident:

A truck accident can be a confusing time for victims where they get to go through a roller coaster of emotions. If you are in a dilemma on what step to take after an accident, here are some answers for you.

What can I do to protect my truck accident rights in Los Angeles?

Knowing your rights should be something that you do upfront before even an accident happens. This is the best way to protect your truck accident rights in Los Angeles. Always go for a renowned Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer because most of them also handle truck accidents. With a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer by your side, you will get to know your rights early enough and this way you will

What should I do when I get in the truck accident scene in Los Angeles, CA?

Ensure that you take as many details as possible from the scene. Take photographs of the scene of accident and document details of the other truck if any. Talk to any eyewitnesses, take their contact details, you might need their assistance in the event you commence the compensation process.

How Do Truck Accident Lawsuits Work in Los Angeles, California?

This question is among the top asked questions asked. First, the first thing you need to know how truck accident lawsuits work is a lawyer like x000D Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney. This x000D Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney will advise you in the best possible way. The biggest thing about these lawsuits is an assessment of liability. The evidence you provide is what will prove your innocence or guilt.

Do I need a Truck Accident Lawyer for Truck Accident Case?

Of course, you do. Legal representation is something you should never deny yourself.

With a law firm like The Farias Firm by your side. You will realize that as a victim of such accidents you get the compensation that you deserve. The Los Angeles personal injury lawyer at Farias firm knows your compensation worth.

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